HDL Certificate of Training
Date: as soon as a group gathers
Time: --:-- GMT
1,5 hours + time for questions

Nikolay Rusanov

Nikolay Rusanov, director of Smart Home Training Center
Cost: 100$

HDL Buspro Programming Practice

At the webinar you can learn:

  • what software to use for HDL-Bus system
  • how to activate the software
  • how to program and control HDL-Bus devices.

Course Outline:
1. Analyses of examples and calculation.

2. Software for HDL-Bus system, its activation.

3. Programming different types of HDL-Bus devices.
   3.1. DLP programming
   3.2. 12 in 1 programming
   3.3. 4z switch programming
   3.4. Logic module programming
   3.5. Security module programming
   3.6. Dimmer, relays programming
4. Introduction to iPad/Android GUI programming
5. Test