KNX умный дом

KNX server

is created for professional installers. It saves time on creating Smart home and allows to realize all requirements of your customers.

2 variants of realization to solve different tasks

iRidium pro

► What for?

Complicated, unique, large-scale automation projects
Elite smart homes, large commercial objects, yachts, hotels, unique home cinemas

► Solution to the following tasks:

1. Good, unique control interface
2. Setting the complicated logics of an automation project
3. Integration with third-party systems - Modbus, BacNET, Crestron, AMX, Z-wave, Helvar, Beckhoff, etc.
4. Integration with any equipment that has API
5. Integration with audio/video systems

iRidium lite

► What for?

Creating Smart home becomes easier. It is used to create typical projects.
Cost-effective typical Smart homes and apartments. Small commercial objects.

► Solution to the following tasks:

1. Launching a project talks less time (up to 5 times)
2. A typical interface is easy to make from ready templates and modules
3. iRidium store contains ready modules for easy integration with audio/video, IoT devices and other automation systems
4. End-users can have rights to create schedules and logics for Smart home, as well as to add new devices (audio/video and IoT devices) from iRidium store

iRidium server

Technical characteristics

  • Processor 1GHz CPU NXP imx6
  • RAM 512 Mb
  • Non-volatile memory (executable code and data) 4GB
  • Interfaces:
    – KNX TP1-256,
    – RS-485,
    – LAN,
    – USB A
    – Z-Wave (optional)
    – 1 Wire (optional)
  • Power supply 12...30 V DC
  • Power consumption max 2.5 W

Modules for each
project are selected
by you.

Beautiful Control of KNX-based Smart home

You get two variants of visualization with iRidium server

iRidium pro

Customized visualization, created
in iRidium studio and flexible
logics to control KNX.

iRidium lite

Visualization is made from ready
modules right on a tablet
or smart phone.

Examples of iRidium pro Visualization

iRidium studio

Creating good-looking interfaces for your KNX projects

Unique interface design

iRidium studio allows to create a good-looking interface to realize your customers’ wishes.

Wide choice of graphic items and ready designs

Create an interface with the help of Gallery, using ready buttons, sliders, lists and other items.

Use ready interface designs that can suit any taste. You can see ready interface designs here.

Testing interface work with equipment

The Emulator allows to test interface work, to see how control commands work when creating a project. This function is convenient in debugging and it saves time.

JavaScript Editor

JavaScript in iRidium is a programming language on the basis of JavaScript with additional functions and methods. It allows to set complicated scenes and to add to your project equipment that is not currently supported in iRidium by creating your own drivers.

Support of Most Automation Standards

Add and set a driver to control your equipment one of the following ways:
- from iRidum device base;
- by importing a ready project or xml-file (KNX, Crestron, Clipsal, BACnet , Modbus);
- by scanning the net (HDL, Duotecno, Domintell).

Schemes to set data exchange and logics

Set data exchange between command channels and feedback channels of one or several drivers. You can also set elementary logics of work with a driver channels and feedback without using scripts.

Import from ETS

Import a ready KNX project from ETS and add required drivers to iRidium project.

iRidium lite Visualization

Easy and fast

Revolutionary product on the automation market.

It allows to create projects to control KNX-based Smart homes:

  • quickly;
  • easily;
  • with no programming.

Setting is done in i3 lite app

Integrating KNX with Other Systems

iRidium allows to control KNX and numerous other systems from one interface. You can also exchange data between systems.

Professional systems

IoT, AV and other devices

Other Features

Voice control

iRidium allows to integrate KNX, AMX, Crestron, Modbus, HDL and other professional systems with voice assistants.
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Audio and video streams, as well as opening doors, are supported. Mobotix, Siedle, 2N, TrueIP, BusIP, DoorBird, etc. intercoms are successfully integrated. Push-notifications about a call come to a panel (smart phone) in any part of the world.

Integration with IP-cameras

Video streams of all modern IP-cameras, ONVIF and control of PTZ camera rotation are supported.

iRidium script

Built-in JavaScript and iRidium API allow to create advanced visualization, drivers to integrate third-party equipment, complicated logics of project and server work, graphs and trends. Data are processed by iRidium server.

Graphs and trends

Numerous capabilities to visualize data.


A lot of notifications are available:
- push
- sms
- e-mail
- messengers (Telegram, Viber, Slack)
- phone call (via SIP)

Remote control

Different ways of remote control:
– with “white” IP-address - VPN or PortForwarding
– with "grey" IP- address - DynDNS + VPN/PortForwarding
– in other cases - iRidium Remote Cloud (soon)

iRidium server is required for remote control.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Do you create solutions for hotels, offices and meeting rooms? - BYOD allows your customers to control a hotel room or a meeting room from their own mobile device with a time limit.
Learn more

Data exchange

iRidium server allows to set intellectual data exchange from KNX to other systems and vice versa.
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Developed for Installers

  • It is sold only to installers.
  • Every installer has his own account where he can manage his projects: update projects remotely and monitor objects.
  • After registration installers can get a free license for a showroom.
  • On-line courses help to master and start using our products.

Price of Solution

It is the recommended retail price. We have discounts for installers.

iRidium pro visualization + KNX server

1195 EUR

iRidium lite visualization + KNX server

895 EUR

Why Installers Choose iRidium

Unisons (Latvia)

Arthur Chivkulis, project manager

iRidium mobile product seemed modern, interesting and promising. I have been using this software for 5 years and it has become even more attractive in terms of functions and capabilities. iRidium allows to realize centralized control of engineer systems in an apartment as well as in a county house. We solved all kinds of tasks with iRidium both simple, such as control of A/V equipment, and extraordinary ones.

DomVision (USA)

Roger Wicks, programmer

iRidium mobile company created a fully-functional solution that allows to control a wide range of devices from smart phones and tablets on the basis of iOS and Android. You can create a control interface that shows the unique character of your company and the style of your customer. iRidium mobile company is a team of competent enthusiastic people who are always ready to help. In my opinion, there is only one possible solution to control KNX.

Intelliger Ltd (Russia)

Daria Semenova, development director

We have been working with iRidium platform for quite a while. We think that at the moment it is the best solution to control home automation from mobile devices. It mostly refers to projects of private houses, where not only functions but also the graphical part of the interface matters. iRidium has a lot of advantages. The main for us is support of different equipment and different protocols, capability to create an individual interface without inviting professional programmers, fast technical support and steady development of the software platform.

Sovremeniy gorod

Evgeniy Kostenko, development director

I’ve been working with iRidium for 6 years. Both the software and iRidium mobile team are absolutely flexible. Feedback comes in no time. It’s not possible to find a more responsive team on the international market. That’s why products by iRidium mobile do not only keep up with the times, but go ahead. It’s an ideal software gateway. In addition, it supports many platforms and it does not take a lot of time to test the software right on the installation. Thanks to available functions, it can suit both a beginning installer and an advanced integrator.

«I-home ru» lab of advanced technologies (Russia)

Sergey Maksukov, chief engineer

I like iRidium pro. It does not fail. Of course, there are alternatives. But there are no direct alternatives in the number of functions. It is important for me that I can develop an individual interface. Ready interfaces may have items that a customer does not like. And very often it is not possible to realize what a customer wants. iRidium does not have such limitations.

Figures Speak for Themselves

Some statistics


countries buy iRidium


become iRidium dealers
every month


certified specialists

3 000

automation projects
are created with iRidium
every year

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After registration:

  • You’ll learn special terms of purchasing iRidium for installers.
  • You can use and test the product for free.
  • You’ll get access to training courses, documentation and trial-licenses.
  • You’ll get a set of free interface designs to create your first project.
  • You can get a FREE show-room license for your showroom, if you have it.