Conference hall in High-Tech Technopark «Universitetsky» («Telesen» Ltd). Russia, Ekaterinburg

Type of project: 
Smart buildings

Location:  Russia, Ekaterinburg
Equipment:  iRidium server RPi, Extron, LifeSize, DUNE HD, Panasonic, Samsung
Date of project completion:  01/01/2019

Conference hall in High-Tech Technopark «Universitetsky» («Telesen» Ltd)

Project description:
The task required to replace the failed Crestron central controller, which controls all the equipment in the conference hall.

Why did you decide to use iRidium?
Implementation cost, compared with the purchase of the new Crestron, was 3 times lower. Wherein:
1. The control interface was created, taking into account the wishes of the Technopark specialists. In the process of use, it was easily adjusted to the most convenient one.
2. The control system has become scalable. In the near future it is planned to include monitors from other rooms of the Technopark, creating a single system.

Control panels: iPad – 2 pcs.

- iRidium server RPi – 1 pc.
- Extron 60-882-01 switch – 2 pcs.
- LifeSize ICON 600 Video Conferencing System – 1 pc.
- DUNE HD TV-303D media player – 1 pc.
- Panasonic AW-HE60HE camera – 3 pcs.
- Samsung ED46D LED Panel – 4 pcs.
- Biamp TesiraFORTE CI Audio Platform – 1 pc.
- Televic Confidea CU Audio Conferencing System – 1 pc.
- Panasonic PT-DW730EK projector – 1 pc.
- Epiphan 4-channel video streaming recording server – 1 pc.
- MP712 Laurent-2 controller – 1 pc.

Photos and screenshots