Solution for controlling Smart home on HDL from iPad/iPhone, Android or Windows based panels.


Why use iRidium for HDL?

Unique features of iRidium for HDL you can use for your benefit.

Custom UI

Create a graphic interface to your customer’s
demands. You can make a user interface
of the type that really suits your customer
with required navigation, color scheme,
images and animation effects.

Support of all HDL protocols

Choose any HDL protocol you prefer.
In your projects you can use equipment
(DLP, relays, dimmers and other devices)
working via any or all HDL protocols:
HDL buspro, HDL hotel, HDL wireless, KNX.

Multiprotocol integration

Use other automation systems, such as, KNX,
Modbus, Crestron together with HDL buspro.
You can add Audio/Video equipment, multimedia
and IoT devices as well and control the whole
installation in a single app.

Higher level automation

Program the system work the way you want it.
You can create any logics of equipment work,
setup scenes of equipment interaction,
create daily, weekly, monthly and other schedules,
and make dynamic calculations.

Capabilities of iRidium for HDL

Things you can do with iRidium for HDL.

Instant notification

Get e-mail notifications
if anything goes wrong:
leakage, movement, etc.

AV equipment support

Integrate AV equipment
with the help of Global Cache
IR library support.

SIP AV support

Use SIP to talk to door entry
or communicate from
panel to panel.

HDL system remote control

Control your HDL system
from any place in the world
with Internet access.

System feedback display

Use trends/graphs to display
feedback from the system:
meters/sensors data, etc.

IP/CCTV camera support

Choose surveillance cameras
you like thanks to MJPEG,
H264, RTSP etc. support.

iRidium projects with HDL

Working iRidium projects with HDL equipment.


iRidium products are your freedom to choose the right solution

iRidium lite

Solution for fast project setup.

iRidium pro

Solution for creating unique projects.

iRidium server

Controller for automation systems and IoT.