panel 7

7’’ stationary Android-based panel to control automation systems, intercom, audio-video equipment and IoT devices.

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Vivid colors and high resolution

Edge lighting

No battery

Fast mounting in a pattress box or building in a wall

Power over the Ethernet cable

High sound quality even when built-in a wall

Kiosk mode to control in public places

Control from ready templates and custom interfaces

Where It is Used


The laconic design of the panel is likely to suit any interior and iRidium products allow to creates unique control interfaces.

A panel with iRidium visualization can control light, climate, blinds, audio and video equipment with the help of any supported automation protocols (AMX, HDL, KNX, Modbus, etc.) It also allows to view IP-cameras, answer SIP-intercom calls, control RGB-lighting to find the panel in the dark or to turn on light by proximity sensor.

SIP-intercom and control of a smart apartment in an apartment complex

iRidium panel 7 with a launched iRidium pro visualization can answer SIP-intercom calls, view IP-cameras. If it is required control of an apartment can be added.

iRidium server stores data on electricity consumption, and iRidium pro shows the data as a trend in a panel. If a leakage happens, it will cut off water and send a PUSH notification to a mobile device.

Meeting rooms

It can be seen from a distance that a meeting room is occupied – the edge lighting of iRidium panel 7 is red.

Thanks to a special interface created in iRidium pro a panel can control light, climate and a projector as well as see the booking schedule of the room and reserve it.

Public places

iRidium panel 7 can be placed on a wall in a museum hall and control all light, schemes of exhibit lighting and climate.

A password can be set in iRidium pro for only museum staff to have access to controlling functions. A special version with a kiosk mode does not allow to close or minimize a control interface to use a panel for other purposes.

Vivid colors and high resolution

Bright and high contrast IPS 7” screen with 1920*1200 resolution gives a high-quality picture with any lighting and interface style.
1920*1200 resolution has 0.2 mln. pixels more in comparison with Full HD, which means more clarity.

Edge lighting

KNX Visualization pro and iRidium pro apps for custom visualization allow to control edge RGB lighting. For example, a panel can be lit in darkness, red edge lighting can be turned on together with an emergency notification or the status of a meeting room can be displayed (occupied, free, soon to be occupied, etc.).

Fast mounting in a pattress box or building in a wall

When a panel is mounted in a pattress box it stands out only 1.6 cm from the wall. When a panel is mounted in a metal box, it stands out only 6 mm from the wall — the minimum required for the work of edge lighting.

Power over the Ethernet cable

PoE technology allows to supply power to the panel together with data via a standard twisted pair over the Ethernet network. An additional 12V power wire is not required.

High sound quality even when built-in a wall

The quality and the volume of sound remains unchanged when a panel is built in the wall, thanks to the use of a special sound duct of a slot type. It allows to integrate control of SIP-intercom without losses of sound quality.

Kiosk mode

to control in public places

Nobody can minimize the app by chance or use the panel in any other way but to control. Special setups with a kiosk mode for iRidium pro, KNX Visualization pro and KNX Home Server do not allow to close or minimize a control interface.

Control from ready templates and custom interfaces

The panel was developed in 2019 and it works faster than earlier models. It allows to use not only simple template-based interfaces but also customized ones with animation and logic based on JS.


- size: 7”;
- resolution: 1920*1200;
- technology: IPS;
- brightness: 300 cd/m2;
- viewing angles vertically/horizontally not less than 170°.

Size in mm (HxWxD):

108.4 x 179.4 x 31.4

Controlled LED-light:


Operation system:

Android 7.1.2


in a pattress box or a metal box


10/100/1000 Ethernet, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0.


DC 12V-1A, PoE 802.3af.




RK3368, Cortex-A53 64Bit, Octa cores,1.2 Hz


2 Gb / 16 Gb


1xMIC, 1xSPEAKER (8 Om 1 W)

How to Buy

You can learn the price and buy iRidium panel 7 in the catalogue.

We have special prices for iRidium dealers. If you are a professional installer, but you are not iRidium dealer yet — register on the website, enter information about your company and wait for approval of your dealer registration by our manager.

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Reviews of iRidium panel 7

  • Alexander Pivovarov,
    head of Digital Signage Solution department at «AUVIX»

    We welcome the release of iRidium panel 7 and we plan to offer it together with our Booco solution to book and control meeting rooms, as well as a panel to control A/V equipment in the commercial sector. The panel looks good, it has PoE, 2 variants of wall-mounting and LED-indicators with a pleasant glow.
  • Vasiliy Kipriyanov
    director of «Try Kita» Ltd.»

    We used iRidium panel 7 to control HDL equipment and Bas-IP intercoms. What we liked best is that the panel can be mounted in the wall. I think, iRidium panel 7 is an excellent solution to control smart home at a good price.
  • Mikhail Aynov,

    iRidium panel 7 can be used as the main control panel at the entrance door. The panel can be installed in a special metal box or a pattress box. House owners can answer intercom calls, activate and deactivate an alarm system and, of course, control other systems of the house such as blinds, climate, light and control data from meters and leakage sensors. I think iRidium panel 7 is a good substitution of an iPad in a frame. The main advantages are the price, the assembly quality and a capability to mount the panel in a pattress box.


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