Touch Panel P8
8’’ Android-based touch panel in aluminum housing to control automation systems, intercom, audio-video equipment and IoT devices
Accurate Сolor Reproduction with a Wide Viewing Angle
An 8” touch screen with a bright and contrasting IPS 10‑bit matrix that is capable of transmitting 1.07 billion colors. The viewing angle of the panel is not less than 170°. The resolution of 1280x800 dpi is provided a high-quality image of the user interface in a wide range of light and from any angle.
High Sound Quality even When built-in a Wall
The volume and the quality of sound remains unchanged when a panel is built-in the wall, thanks to the use of a special sound duct of a slot type. This allows the Touch Panel P8 to be used in a wide range of home and commercial automation projects in connection with SIP-intercom devices or IP cameras. The panel has a built-in microphone for two-way communication.
High Performance of Rockchip RK3399 Processor
Touch Panel P8 uses a powerful Rockchip RK3399. The chip is based on the Big.Little architecture and combines a dual-core Cortex-A72 processor, a quad-core Cortex-A53, a Mali T860MP4 GPU and interacts with dynamic memory interfaces (DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, LPDDR4).
Power over Ethernet PoE+ cable (lEEEE 802.3at)
PoE+ technology allows to supply power to the panel together with data via a standard twisted pair over the Ethernet network. An additional 12V power wire is not required. Equipping the panel with RJ-45 jack allows it to be used in a wide variety of automation projects as a universal visualization tool for standard and custom control interfaces.
Fast Mounting in a Pattress Box or in a Mounting Box
When a panel is mounted in a metal mounting box it stands out only 8 mm from the wall, the mounting box is included in the complete set. When a panel is mounted in a standard pattress box, it stands out only 16 mm from the wall. The Touch Panel P8 can be conveniently used in public areas thanks to its "anti-theft" screw feature.
Touch Panel P8 with Desktop Mount for AV projects
The Desktop Mount for Touch Panel P8 expands its functionality and allows the panel to be used in conference rooms, meeting rooms and other AV projects. The simplicity and versatility of the stand ensures a comfortable and stable position of the panel on horizontal smooth surfaces. The Desktop Mount provides the ability to install Touch Panel P8 and Touch Panel P10.
Kiosk Mode to Control in Public Places
A special version with a Kiosk Mode does not allow to close or minimize a control interface to use a panel for other purposes. The versions of the iRidi Pro, KNX Visualization Pro and KNX Home Server products with Kiosk Mode block unauthorized access and do not allow any actions with the touch panel control interface.
Control from Ready Templates and Custom Interfaces
The panel was developed in 2022 and it works faster than earlier models. The panel's fast and efficient hardware allows to use not only simple template-based interfaces but also customized ones with animation and logic based on JavaScript developed in the iRidi Studio.
Where It is Used
Private Residences and Houses
The laconic design of the panel will probably suit any interior and the unique control interfaces will emphasize the sophistication of the style. To activate Touch Panel P8, you just need to put your hand to the screen. A panel with iRidi Pro visualization can control light, climate, blinds, audio and video equipment with the help of any supported automation protocols (AMX, HDL, KNX, Modbus, etc.)
Where It is Used
SIP-intercom and Control of a Smart Apartment and Apartment Complex
Touch Panel P8 with a launched iRidi Pro visualization can answer SIP-intercom calls, view IP-cameras. Thus, the panel becomes the control center for all the engineering equipment of a smart apartment of a modern smart building. The panel can display iRidi Server data on electricity consumption and provide interaction between the apartment and the functionality of the residential complex automation.
Public Places
The Touch Panel P8 can be placed in public access when the panel is used in museums, exhibition centers and other public places. It allows you to control lighting systems, schemes of exhibit lighting, temperature, humidity and other equipment. Kiosk Mode will prevent unauthorized persons from tampering with the equipment, so access to the interface is password protected.
Meeting Rooms
Thanks to a special interface iRidi Pro it is possible to control light, climate, blinds and dimming, acoustics and a multimedia projector using Touch Panel P8. It is convenient to use the panel for showing the schedule of rooms occupancy, booking time for business meetings and appointments or choosing a free meeting room.
Technical Specifications
* You can learn the price and buy Touch Panel P8 in the catalogue. We have special prices for iRidi dealers. If you are a professional installer, but you are not iRidi dealer yet — register on the website, enter information about your company and wait for approval of your dealer registration by our manager.
Product Code P8
Screen size 8"
Display IPS
Screen resolution, px 1280 x 800
Brightness, cd/m2 350
Viewing angles (horizontal /vertical) not less than 170°
Operating system Android 11
Size, mm 126 х 200 х 37
Body material aluminum
CPU Rockchip RK3399
RAM / Internal memory 2 GB / 16 GB
Power PoE 802.3at, 24V DC 0.5A
Interfaces RJ 45
Protection class IP20
Mounting in a pattress box, in a semi-recessed mounting (included), in a desktop mount (not included)
Sound 1 х MIC, Double polyphonic sound
Proximity sensor yes
Noise reduction yes
* You can learn the price and buy Touch Panel P8 in the catalogue. We have special prices for iRidi dealers. If you are a professional installer, but you are not iRidi dealer yet — register on the website, enter information about your company and wait for approval of your dealer registration by our manager.
What apps are installed on the panel?
The i3 Pro for visualization and control is installed on Touch Panel P8.
Can third-party apps be used on the panel?
Yes. To do it, install APK of an app by downloading it from a browser. There is no Google Play or other services by Google on a panel.
Can I use Touch Panel P8 for SIP-intercom?
Yes. To do it, install the APK of an app for SIP-intercom or use installed apps by iRidi. To get calls the app must be launched and active — PUSH-notifications can’t come to a minimized app as the panel has no cloud services. It is possible to use the same panels with the i3 Pro visualization application as subscribers when setting up SIP.
Can I use the panel 24/7?
Yes, the panel is designed to operate in 24/7 mode. To extend the lifespan of the screen and prevent residual images, it is recommended to use a screensaver. The screen of the panel is activated by a motion sensor. All you have to do is to run your hand in front of the panel. The screen is turned off based on a time limit that can be set in the settings. There is also a button on the end surface of the panel that can be used to turn the screen on and off.
Is it possible to block the use of other apps on a Touch Panel P8?
Special versions of iRidi Pro, KNX Visualization Pro and KNX Home Server with a Kiosk Mode do not allow to close or minimize a control interface.
Is a panel sold with a license?
Licenses for iRidi products are bought separately.
What jacks does the panel have?
The panel has jacks for the 24 V DC power supply. There are also RJ-45 interface jacks (with PoE+ power supply), microUSB, KNX, CAN (Bus77).
Is PoE the only source of power on Touch Panel P8?
Power can be supplied over PoE+ and via a 24V power adapter. The adapter does not go with a panel and must be bought separately. It is better to use the MEAN WELL power supplies.
Does a panel have a camera?
No, Touch Panel P8 has no built-in camera. If you have tasks for which a camera is necessary, write us about it in the chat in the bottom right corner of this page. It will help us in development of next models.
How can I get more information about sales and technical support?
The iRidi company is a product developer and manufacturer. We consult and answer questions in Russian and English.
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