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The services iRidi specialists provide and the results you will get:
creation of interface design concepts
concepts are drawn in Figma
creation of control interfaces in accordance with your tasks
an .irpz file in which a control interface is made for a particular screen resolution in accordance with your reference
development of ready-to-operate control projects
a control interface with setup devices. The project can include (optional): logic of interface work, JS drivers
development of server projects
scenes logic + synchronizations of the panel and server projects
development of drivers for various equipment: from audio-video to automation systems
a JS driver - we will add support of devices you need for your project
creation of branded apps - your brands in AppStore and Google Play
iOS and Android apps released in your account with your company name, logo, description, brand screenshots, individual start page with the login and project selection (if provided)
Price: 7 000 euro including 1-year maintenance
Advantages of Using iRidi Service Center:
You save time on development
You get a guaranteed result in the given time frame
All work is done by iRidi specialists
You do not need to have a programmer on your payroll
Our Works:
iRidi specialists have already assisted integrators all over the world with implementation of various tasks. Take a look at the work we have done:
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How much do your services cost?
The cost depends on your task and urgency. Our company will evaluate the cost and time frame of the work you need within 2 days after receiving your order.
What is the time frame for completing an order?
The time frame can be estimated after receiving your technical requirements.
Do I have to purchase licenses after I get my branded apps?
Yes, you do. The licensing procedure is the same for everybody - you have to purchase a license for each automation object.
What are the payment terms?
The services are provided after 100% prepayment. At that,the parties sign a contract and the works are performed in the scope of received technical requirements with due attention to the time frame.
How is the communication with iRidi specialists organised?
After we receive your order, a service center manager will estimate the scope of required services and contact you. When the time frame and the cost of services are settled, a contract is signed by the parties. As soon as we receive the payment, we get to work. And the assigned manager will keep you informed about the progress of your order. When the works under the contract are finished, you sign a service acceptance statement and get the result.