Touch Panel P6
A minimalistic and compact panel provides a basic set of functions for controlling smart home devices. Laconic panel design and stunning interface graphics look aesthetically pleasing in any interior.
Where It is Used
Private Houses and Residences
Reliability is the main benefit of the panels. Panels are easy to install, set up and use. Many components and technologies are combined in one solution. Heating, ventilation and access control systems provide comfort and safety in private apartments and houses.
Where It is Used
Offices and Meeting Rooms
Touch Panel P6 can be safely used in a typical apartment and in office spaces. The panel can be used to control lights, curtains, underfloor heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as acoustics and multimedia.It allows you to organize business spaces for training, meetings and appointments.

It is convenient to use the panel for showing the schedule of rooms occupancy, booking time for business meetings and appointments or choosing a free meeting room.
Technical Specification
Product Code
Screen size
Screen resolution
1280 x 720
Brightness, cd/m2
Viewing angles (horizontal /vertical)
not less than 170°
Operating system
Android 11 min
Size, mm
Body material
CPU Rockchip RK3399
RAM / Internal memory
2 GB / 16 GB
24V DC 0.5A, PoE 802.3at
RJ 45, CAN
Protection class
in a pattress box
1 х MIC, Double polyphonic sound
Proximity sensor
Noise reduction
What apps are installed on the panel?
The i3 Pro app for visualization and control is installed on Touch Panel P6. i3 KNX and Bus77 Home apps can be installed by following the link in the instructions.
Is a panel sold with a license?
iRidi pro license (Starter: 1 panel, 50 tags; drivers: Bus77, Modbus, MQTT, SIP, IP cameras) is supplied with the panel.
Can third-party apps be used on the panel?
Yes, third-party apps can be installed on the panel by copying *.apk files. There is no Google Play or other services by Google on a panel.
Is PoE the only source of power on Touch Panel P6?
Power can be supplied over PoE+ and via a 24V power adapter. The adapter does not go with a panel and must be bought separately. It is better to use the MEAN WELL power supplies.
Can I use the panel 24/7?
Yes, the panel is designed to operate in 24/7 mode. To extend the lifespan of the screen and prevent residual images, it is recommended to use a screensaver.

The screen of the panel is activated by a motion sensor. All you have to do is to run your hand in front of the panel. The screen is turned off based on a time limit that can be set in the settings. There is also a button on the end surface of the panel that can be used to turn the screen on and off.
Can I use Touch Panel P6 for SIP-intercom?
Yes. To do it, install the APK of an app for SIP-intercom or use installed apps by iRidi. To get calls the app must be launched and active — PUSH-notifications can’t come to a minimized app as the panel has no cloud services. It is possible to use the same panels with the i3 Pro visualization application as subscribers when setting up SIP.
Is it possible to block the use of other apps on a Touch Panel P6?
Special versions of iRidi Pro, KNX Visualization Pro and KNX Home Server with a Kiosk Mode do not allow to close or minimize a control interface.
How can I get more information about sales and technical support?
The iRidi company is a product developer and manufacturer. We consult and answer questions in Russian and English.
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