Apartment in Legend Quarter (AV Experts "Unisons" Ltd.). Jurmala, Latvia

Type of project: 

Location:  Jurmala, Latvia
Equipment:  Domintell, Modbus, A/V equipment

Apartment in Legend Quarter (AV Experts "Unisons" Ltd.)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Besides complete automation of the whole apartment the client ask to realize such things as – opening blinds together with the work of an alarm clock, turning on music via LCD panel (the function involves variable from Domintell automation and the script part of iRidium on the server part), turning on the TV-set to 90 degrees to watch TV being in the kitchen.

Project description
The apartment features the complete set of capabilities to control Smart home from iPad, LCD screens, touch panels. The customer can control lighting, blinds, temperature, turn on/off calorifiers, A/V equipment and see video from surveillance cameras. Brightness of the light can be changed with a level in the mobile app or from wall-mounted panels that look like LCD or touch panels. Besides, blinds can be closed from the app at any required time, by schedule or at sunset or sunrise thanks to the lighting sensor on the terrace. Separate zones of climate control with Toshiba conditioners, radiators and warm floors enable the customer to change the temperature as he or his guests wishes. There are two powerful calorifiers on the balcony to keep comfortable temperature in case the home owner and his guests decide to spend time in the open air. Recording surveillance cameras allow the home owner to see that it going on in the apartment from anywhere in the world if there is WiFi or 3G Internet . Stable WiFi coverage allows to watch HD channels and listen to music in any part of the apartment without pauses or interruptions.
Control panles:
iPad mini 3 + iRoom Dock station: 5 pcs
iPhone 6s Plus: 2 pcs
Domitenll LCD panel: 7 pcs
Domintell sensor panel: 7pcs

Domintell, Global Caché, Modbus.
7x Vivotec IP cam
4x LG TV
3x Toshiba AC
3x Dune HD connect
2x OpenBox sat receiver
1x Apple TV
1x CYP HDMI 4x4 switch