Ekaterina Osnovina

Ekaterina Osnovina, head of iRidium technical support
Cost: FREE
- video of the webinar

iRidium for AMX

At the webinar you can learn to:

  • import TPDesign4 projects to iRidium studio;
  • upload AMX projects on to control panels;
  • select iRidium licenses

Course Outline:
1. Introduction: basic information about iRidium mobile software package

2. How to import TPD4 projects to iRidium studio

3. Capabilities of iRidium studio:
   3.1. Merge of several projects.
   3.2. Static lists.
   3.3. Project resize.
   3.4. Dynamic change of orientation.
   3.5. SIP intercom.
   3.6. Support of H264, MJPG formats.
   3.7. SetParameters for АМХ in iRidium studio.
   3.8. Large projects work faster.
   3.9. iRidium script, etc.

4. How to upload AMX projects on to control panels and select a license


  • video of the webinar