Nikolay Rusanov

Nikolay Rusanov, director of Smart Home Training Center

iRidium for HDL Buspro

At the webinar you can learn:

  • to create projects in iRidium GUI Editor, use sample GUIs;
  • to set up cameras and use gestures in your projects;
  • to upload projects on different control panels;
  • to work with HDL equipment: relays, dimmers (DMX, Dali interfaces);
  • to set up shutter modules, climate and floor heating via DLP panel
  • to control Z-Audio.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction:
   1.1. Description of iRidium software package.
   1.2. Creating a project in iRidium GUI Editor (ways of creating your own interface, templates of user interfaces - Sample GUIs).
   1.3. Principles of licensing in iRidium.

   1.4. The iRidium Transfer application. Launching a ready project on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X based devices.    
2. New features of iRidium V2.1 for HDL Buspro. 
3. Working with the HDL Buspro driver.
4. Basic graphic capabilities of iRidium GUI Editor.

You can download the video of the webinar here.

Trainees’ reviews

11.26.13, Omar Hlynsson

Very understandable and logical. Clear speech and demonstrations :)