Nikolay Rusanov

Nikolay Rusanov, director of Smart Home Training Center

iRidium for HDL Buspro

At the webinar you can learn to:

  • create projects in iRidium studio, use sample GUIs
  • set up cameras and use gestures in your projects;
  • upload projects on different control panels;
  • work with HDL equipment: relays, dimmers (DMX, Dali interfaces);
  • set up shutter modules, climate and floor heating via DLP panel;
  • control Z-Audio.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction:
   1.1. Description of iRidium software package.
   1.2. Licensing .
   1.3. Work with iRidium transfer.
2. New capabilities of iRidium V3 for HDL BusPro.

3. Work with HDL BusPro driver.
4. Basic graphic capabilities of iRidium studio.