Aleksandr Romanov

Aleksandr Romanov, iRidium technical director

Anton Kamaev

Anton Kamaev, Commercial Director at iRidium mobile

Presentation of iRidium lite

At the webinar you'll learn:

  • what iRidium lite is;
  • how iRidium lite works;
  • who iRidium lite is made for;
  • how iRidium lite licensing works;

Course outline:
Part 1:
1. Introduction: what is iRidium lite?
2. iRidium lite work scheme.
3. Supported equipment and platforms.
4. Demonstration:
   4.1. Creating and editing a project.
   4.2. Working with project structure.
   4.3. Working with modules.
   4.4. Working with server.
   4.5. Schedules, routines, macros.
   4.6. Editing interface design.
   4.7. Licensing and giving a project to the user.

Part 2:
1. Who is iRidium lite made for?
2. iRidium lite capabilities.
3. Pricing.