Martin Konanz, owner of IBEAS GmbH

iRidium Introductory Webinar in German

At the webinar you can learn:

  • to set up iRidium GUI Editor;
  • to set up iRidium projects;
  • to understand iRidium licensing system;

Course Outline:
1. Introduction. Description of iRidium software package.
2. Creation of new projects iRidium GUI Editor.
   2.1. Ways of creating graphic interfaces.
   2.2. Setting up project launch in iRidium GUI Editor.
   2.3. Hot key in iRidium GUI Editor.
   2.4. Emulation of project work.
3. iRidium licensing system
4. Work with iRidium Transfer. Uploading ready projects on control panels (iOS, Android, Windows, OC X).

See the video of iRidium Introductory Webinar in English.

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