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Anton Kamaev

Anton Kamaev, Commercial Director at iRidium mobile

Ekaterina Osnovina

Ekaterina Osnovina, head of iRidium technical support
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Introductory Webinar on iRidium pro

At the webinar you'll learn:

  • what iRidium pro is like;
  • what differs iRidium V3 from iRidium V2;
  • how licensing works in iRidium pro.

Course outline:
1. What is iRidium pro?
2. What is the difference between iRidium V3 and iRidium V2?
3. iRidium pro components:
   3.1. iRidium studio.
   3.2. iRidium server.
   3.3. iRidium store.
   3.4. i3pro.
4. Licensing system in iRidium pro

Trainees' reviews

Luighi Anthony Vitón Zorrilla

I love the new version of iRidium. In fact, the idea of the iRidium server is fantastic. A time ago, we were considering developing something with scripts to draw graphs and monitor events of the automation system, but now, this is covered by iRidium. Definitly, this is the most valuable feature you have incorporated. I would be pleased if you develop a platform for other OS, I mean Linux or Mac.