Date: 19,20,21 October
Time: to be confirmed
3-day training

Jackie Roos, owner of Jamware Company
Cost: $585 + GST, Fully Catered
Address: iTron Security, Tait Place, Albany, Auckland
To book a place: call 1800 474 348 or write to

Introduction to iRidium Pro and iRidium Server


  1. Install iRidium Pro on your Laptop (current version 1.0.5)
  2. Do a FULL registration on with the 1096LGSPT code.

  • Laptop + mouse
  • A Smart device to transfer your projects to, eg Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Optional for Day 2 – any device/equipment that you would like to learn to control in addition to the following that we will have at the training: RAKO lighting CBus Lighting Arrowhead Elite-S Alarm Panel Yamaha Receiver IP cameras Global Cache KNX equipment – please let us know in advance so we can get this

Course Outline:
Day 1

  1. Introduction & Description of iRidium software package.
  2. Creation of new projects iRidium GUI Editor.
  3. Connecting to serial, IR and TCP/IP devices.
  4. Sending commands and receiving feedback.
  5. Graphics in iRidium
  6. iRidium licensing system
  7. Working with iRidium Transfer. Uploading projects to control panels

Day 2
  1. Global Cache
  2. iRidium Cloud Licensing
  3. Build a project with step-by-step guidance and the provided graphics
  4. If you have a device or equipment you want to learn to control and it is not listed above, bring it along.

Day 3
  1. iRidium Server
  2. OnBox
  3. Scheduling

This training is fully catered, so please let us know if you have specific dietary requirements.