On-line course: iRidium script

iRidium script

Free on-line course.

Start: any time. Duration: ~4 weeks

An irreplaceable tool to create your own interfaces and drivers.
2 groups start every month. A trainer is available throughout the course – he answers questions and checks tasks. After the course you become iRidium Expert.
This course is meant for integrators who already know iRidium and who have programming skills on the basic level. The course will improve programming skills and teach to create customized interfaces using script and to write personal drivers.

At the course you’ll learn:

  • special features of iRidium script;
  • the structure of a script file;
  • work with sections of iRidium Script API;
  • basic algorithms for developing personal drivers;
  • Best Practice when developing a script

How to learn:

The course consists of video lessons, that are divided into 4 modules. We recommend that you take one module per week, but you can follow your own schedule. To use the theory in practice the course has practical tasks and tests that you do on your own without a trainer's support.

How to get the course:

You send us a request to join the course and we give you free access to the course within 1 workday. As soon as we send you a confirmation letter, you can go to the Learning section of your account on our website and start the course.


Yaroslav Reznikov

  • programmer

«iRidium script»
on-line course

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