KNX Home Server. To create KNX smart home is easy

KNX Home Server.
To create KNX smart home is easy

Video-lessons on YouTube

KNX Home Server is a controller, a cloud and a smart visualization app for fast creation of an intellectual system to control KNX apartments, offices and houses.
Setting and control of KNX Home Server is done in the same app – “i3 KNX” on iOS, Android or Windows PC. It requires no special training as the process is rather easy and intuitive. See it for yourself in the video below of all steps of project creation.
Thought the setting is easy we created a video-lesson on each function for you to see how easy the setting is in advance.

Who it is for:

  1. The lessons are meant for installers of KNX smart homes and offices who value speed and simplicity of setting and who require integration with SIP-intercom, IP-cameras, logic, remote and voice control and who do not want an individual interface.


  1. Fast start of a project with KNX Home Server – 6 min
  2. Basics of work – 60 min
Total: 1 hour 6 min.

What is inside:

  • setting KNX Home Server by an integrator
  • creating an interface
  • creating logic
  • sharing a control interface with a user

How to use video-lessons:

  1. See “Fast start of a project with KNX Home Server” (first video) in 6 minutes and start setting. If questions appear, see a video-lesson about a required function.
  2. See all video lessons one after another in 1 hour and start setting. You’ll learn all details of the setting process, but it takes more time.