Anton Kamaev

Anton Kamaev, Commercial Director at iRidium mobile

Nikolay Rusanov

Nikolay Rusanov, director of Smart Home Training Center

Webinar on iRidium Sales

Target audience:

  • dealers;
  • sales managers;
  • all, who work with real-life customers on using iRidium in their projects.

At the webinar you can learn:

  • to describe iRidium to potential customers;
  • to highlight iRidium advantages;
  • to understand iRidium licensing and pricing policy;
  • to use iRidium as a tool to increase the value and the cost of projects;
  • to work with clients from home and commercial automation.

Course Outline:
Part 1. What is iRidium?

1. Main features and functions of iRidium software package.
2. Simple and advanced modes of using iRidium.
3. Ready iRidium interfaces: what are they? how to use them?
4. Working with iRidium.

Part 2. How to Sell iRidium?
1. Profit and customer satisfaction.
2. iRidium advantages (against web-based gui, standalone apps etc.)
3. Do you need iRidium in every project?
4. Pricing and licensing options.
5. How to get technical support and where to find documentation?
6. Examples of business models.
7. Replicable solutions.
8. Sales materials.

You can download the video of the webinar here.