Ilya Markov

Ilya Markov, script-programmer at iRidium mobile

iRidium Script: Enhanced Capabilities of Control Interfaces

At the webinar you'll learn to:

  • work with iRidium script in iRidium studio;
  • control the graphic part of the user's interface via iRidium script;

Course outline:

  1. Introduction to iRidium script system (creating and changing script files).
  2. System API: capabilities to write in console and to create system events via script.
  3. GUI API: work with graphic items, methods and events for graphic items.
  4. List API: creating and working with lists.
  5. Gestures API: use of gestures, review of methods.
  6. Sound API: work with audio files.
  7. Tokens API: work with system parameters of cotrol panels (sensors, date, etc.)..

Trainees' reviews

Andrey Chumachenko

Komida Ltd."
Thank you for professional trainings. The product and its capabilities are really super.