Ilya Markov

Ilya Markov, script-programmer at iRidium mobile

iRidium Script: Work with iRidium drivers

At the webinar you'll learn to:

  • work with iRidium Script in iRidium GUI Editor;
  • create drivers to control Audio/Video and other equipment with the help of iRidium DDK

Course outline of "iRidium Script: Part 2. Work with iRidium drivers"

  1. Introduction to iRidium driver systems, classification of drivers.
  2. Review of functions for working with native drivers.
  3. Creating a driver with the help of iRidium Script.
  4. Adding ready Java Script modules to iRidium projects.

You can download the video of the webinar here.

Trainees' reviews

27.02.14, Stanislav Sharabko, engineer at Alyson, LLC

I liked description of real life examples. The more practical examples you give, the easier it is to understand the logics of making a driver. That is, to understand what developers were thinking about, when they added a certain function

12.12.14, Simon Law, technical manager at EONreality

I havent been able to get my project to work and unfortunately its one serial and one TCP. But after your lesson, I have learnt more and will rewrite the irpz. Thanks again for great lesson.