Results of iRidium Awards 2018 4 April 2018

Results of iRidium Awards 2018

We are happy to announce the results of the Fifth annual project competition - iRidium Awards 2018. This year fewer projects applied for participation that usually, but iRidium mobile team had a hard time choosing the winner, as the professional level of projects is high.

Grand Prix of iRidium Awards 2018

"Private house" project

– 3-storey house in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Smart home system is installed in 33 rooms – 6 bed-rooms and bathrooms, a study, a fireplace lounge, a play room, a kitchen, a dining room, a swimming-pool, a gym and a home cinema. Lighting is also controlled on the territory surrounding the house. 4 iPads Air are used to control: 2 wall-mounted iPads on each of the living floors and 1 iPad is not fixed anywhere, 1 iPad is used to control the home cinema.
Author – Evgeniy Starinets, freelancer, Kazakhstan, Almaty
Prize – iPad Pro 10.5` + $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers)



"Pool Director" project

– a complex automation system that controls swimming pools, Jacuzzi, lighting, blinds, windows, doors. The project features control of water temperature in the pool and Jacuzzi, control of Jacuzzi modes, control of filter modes and accent lighting, control of light and actuators + scenes. 2 interfaces were made in iRidium: a fully-functional one for wall-mounted iPad and a simplified one for iPhone 7. To control the swimming-pool and the Jacuzzi an intellectual system of personal development was used - Pool Director.
Author – Pavel Skachkov, Elekrokholding, Russia, Krasnodar
Prize – $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers)


"KRASSKY" project

– a showroom of interior design of 1000 sq.m. The showroom displays carefully selected manufactures of furniture, kitchen furniture, lights, carpets and other decorations that are internationally recognized and have awards. The system created for the project can control lighting automatically at a timer. It also allows visualization to control each light individually and in scenes inside each sample room.
Author – Evgeniy Skripnik, Vimedia group Ltd., Russia, Moscow
Prize – $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers)


"Light for iPhone & Android Smartphone " project

– the concept of Light for Smartphone was developed for remote control and monitoring of automation systems and security of private houses from mobile devices. But it turned out to be interesting for state administration entities. “M” object has 5 floors and 55 rooms. Push notifications allow maintenance services to get alarms from automation systems in time in any part of the world. The maintenance services can control automation systems remoted and see the journal of emergencies.
Author – Anton Julin, Albus Pro Ltd., Russia, Saint Petersburg
Prize – $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers)


"Aristocrat" project

– an automation system on the basis of KNX protocol in a 3-room apartment. The automation system includes control of light, climate, blinds, music, TV-sets, a security system. A control interface is connected with all functions of Smart home, providing full control of the system both locally and remotely.
Author – Evgeniy Kiltsov, Intelliger Ltd., Russia, Saint Petersburg
Prize – $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers)

We are thankful to all participants for interest to our project competition!