Philips Dynalite Module

Example to control network devices DNG100BT, DDNG100BT, DMNG100BT

  • Control via HTTP prtocol. 
  • Switching off /on lamps
  • Manual 

Demo project: 1024x768 (iPad 1, 2, iPad Mini)


 iRidium Philips Dynalite Module


  • What does the Module consist of?
    The file you are downloading. 
    A project of Module.irpz format which you can add to your automation project, modify it using iRidium GUI Editor or upload it on your control panel using iRidium Transfer. The project contains a ready interface created in the Metro style, a script for working with the driver, the driver itself with commands and feedback channels. 
    Description of iRidium GUI Editor 
    Description of iRidium Transfer
Philips Dynalite
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