Z-Wave Razberry

Type: Control system
Developer: Yurkin Vitaliy
Manufacturer: Z-Wave.Me



Updated module for RaZberry 3.0 controls Z-Wave RaZberry controller on the basis of Raspberry Pi and Z-Way. The driver also supports work with USB stick by Z-Wave.Me Z-Stick Z-Way turns a computer into a real controller of Smart home.

– getting feedback from a controller;
– controlling via HTTP protocol;
– controlling light, blinds;
– controlling temperature, humidity;
– controlling door locks;
– displaying data from motion sensors;
– supporting authorization;
– supporting RGBW lamps, thermostats, virtual thermostats.

– a project for iRidium studio
– improved speed and stability of work
– support of virtual devices

Required license:
license with AV & Сustom Systems driver

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