Voice control for Smart home.
What to choose and how to integrate?

The advanced solution for voice control in Smart homes
based on professional automation systems: AMX, KNX,
Crestron, Modbus and others. Setup - 30 minutes,
without changing the automation project.

Suitable for new and existing Smart home projects.

Why is the webinar important to visit right now?


In 2016

Amazon sells nearly 10 million Echo devices
that give access to Alexa - an intelligent
Mark Zuckerberg creates a personal assistant
- Jarvis, based on Amazon Alexa, to manage
his house. He predicts the development
of voice control technology and artificial
intelligence in the coming years.
Apple released iOS 10 with
the "Home" application

in 2017

Apple starts the release of the Homepod
smart speaker with voice recognition.
In general, it is expected that there
will be sold at least 30 million
devices specifically designed for
voice communication with the
services of artificial

In 2010, about the same amount of iPhone 4 was sold
and it seemed that we see them everywhere. Approximately
the same will be with a new type of device
- voice assistant.

A new trend is emerging:

Voice control becomes the standard
for Smart Home installations

But there is one problem:

There is no voice assistant that supports
professional automation systems

Therefore, on the webinar you will learn:

  • How to add voice control to Smart home
  • How to manage KNX, AMX, Crestron, Modbus and other professional automation systems using voice control
  • Which of the voice assistants is better: Apple Homekit, Amazon Echo, Google Home
  • How to manage Smart Home with a voice or with the "Home" application

Also we will tell about additional features:

  • use of macros, routines, schedules
  • compatibility of modules from iRidium store with Homekit
  • setup of:
    - remote control
    - network infrastructure
    - notifications


Our advantages
  • – We are on the market of home and commercial automation since 2008.
  • – We develop a platform to control the Smart home and Internet of Things and we sell it to 72 countries.
  • – Annually 2100 automation projects with our software are implemented.
  • – Among our customers: Siemens, Philips Research, Somfy and others
  • – Our partners: JUNG, HDL, Helvar, Global Cache ', Domintell and others.

After the webinar you will learn how to integrate voice control with automation systems:

  • in 30 minutes
  • without changing the automation project
  • using the top voice assistants - Homekit, Amazon Echo and Google home

Advantages of our solution:

  • Suitable for new and working projects of Smart homes / offices
  • Installed in half an hour, gives you a 100% return on the invested funds and satisfied customer
  • There is a choice of different options for every customer - Apple Homekit, Amazon Echo and Google home.

Voice control for Smart home.
What to choose and how to integrate?