Control system (visualization + server)
for simple and typical KNX projects


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Never before has it been so easy to crate Smart home.

What was done only by professionals can now be done by a regular KNX installer.

Thanks to iRidium lite numerous installers streamlined creating Smart homes and increased their business turnover.

iRidium lite Features

Remote connection

Different ways of remote connection:
- with “white” IP-address – VPN, PortForwarding;
- in other cases - iRidium Remote Cloud.
iRidium server is required for remote control.


Set schedules of work for KNX equipment.


A sequence of commands for KNX equipment can be launched from an interface, as well as by a schedule or a routine.

SOON! Log journal

Work history of all equipment.


Create flexible conditions of work for your KNX equipment.


Create an interface in the language your customer speaks.

Voice control

iRidium allows to integrate KNX, AMX, Crestron, Modbus, HDL and other professional systems with voice assistants.


Audio and video streams, as well as opening doors, are supported. Mobotix, Siedle, 2N, TrueIP, BusIP, DoorBird, etc. intercoms are successfully integrated. Push-notifications about a call come to a panel (smart phone) in any part of the world.

Integration with IP-cameras

Video streams of all modern IP-cameras, ONVIF and control of PTZ camera rotation are supported.

User settings

You can allow your customer to edit or create his own macros, routines and schedules.

SOON! Graphs and trends

Numerous capabilities to visualize data.


A lot of notifications are available:
- push
- sms
- e-mail
- messengers (Telegram, Viber, Slack)
- phone call (via SIP)

Components of iRidium lite

i3 lite

User app to create
and use a control
project of Smart home.

iRidium server

Controller for automation
systems and IoT to collect
and analyze data, to export
and import databases,
to create scenes and
schedules, etc.

iRidium store

It’s like AppStore, but for Smart
homes. It contains ready
modules to control equipment
of Smart home.

i3 lite App

Easy and beautiful

iRidium lite contains several styles to any taste.

Choose an interface that your customer likes best.

iRidium store

contains modules

for professional automation systems

for audio/video and IoT devices

Work with Server

i3 lite app with a server provides
wide automation capabilities

24/7 work

It is always on-line. It gathers
data, provides work of schedules
and routines non-stop.

Remote control

Control your Smart home/office
from any part of the world
or via a local net without
Internet access.

Data collection and analysis

Collect, analyze and store
data received from

iRidium server UMC

Processor 1GHz CPU NXP imx6
RAM 512 Mb
Non-volatile memory (executable code and data) 4GB
Interfaces KNX TP1-256 (optional), RS-485(optional), LAN, USB A
Power supply 12...30 V DC
Power consumption max 2.5 W

Why Installers Choose iRidium

Smart Group Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)

Ulykpan Essengulov, general director

We use iRidium lite to control HDL equipment. We did two restaurants and seven apartments with it. Now it is included in projects of villas. Everything is ready in iRidium lite: you simply take ready control items and create a project fast. There is no need to spend much time or effort on creating an app. Besides not all customers want to spend money on creating an individual interface.

Interkontrol Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Turkey)

Ercüment Soruşbay, owner

I'm a distributor and my customers use iRidium lite for their projects. As for advantages of iRidium lite, I can say, that it is a versatile solution. It is fast and easy to set up. It has more drivers, I appreciate the openness of this solution and ease of use.

Lýsing & Hönnun (Iceland)

Heimir Jónasson, owner/engineer

I am a distributor for HDL here in Iceland. So every time I put up a HDL home automation system I use also iRidium lite. iRidium lite works really well with my HDL projects, customers can control both heat and lights. And the most important is really easy and fast setup. I don’t need to spend much time to set up projects. I use iRidium lite mostly in residential houses and sometimes restaurants, and it is a good solution for such projects.

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We care about data security

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