iRidium for Crestron

Elegant control of Crestron and any AV equipment from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, Mac, Android or Windows panels.


iRidium. If You Value Freedom of Choice.

Crestron-mobile-app.jpgiRidium for Crestron

Control panels with iRidium work like native Crestron panels.
iRidium can be used instead of native Crestron mobile app.

The interface is created in iRidium GUI Editor, but not in Crestron Studio.

iRidium for Crestron provides a much wider range of capabilities than native Crestron mobile app. 

What Tasks Does It Complete?

Where Is iRidium Used?

iRidium is used anywhere if the customer wants to control automation systems using iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, Mac, Android or Windows based devices.

iRidium can be used in:


Home automation

  • Smart Home
  • Home Theater
  • Multiroom Systems

Commercial automation

  • Smart Office
  • Healthcare and Education 
  • Hotels

Why Crestron Integrators Choose iRidium


Unlimited Graphic Capabilities of iRidium

iRidium GUI Editor will amaze you with:

  • rich Gallery of sounds and images 
  • customizable inertial lists 
  • auto-switch of Portrait/Landscape orientation
  • RGB control
  • sample GUIs 
  • integration with gyroscope, GPS, compass, etc.
  • screensavers
  • weather widgets and informers 
  • built-in iRidium Script


Control from Any Device

iRidium is a multiplatform product.
It is equally FAST and RELIABLE on any control panel (iOS, Android, OS X or Windows).
The interface you created once will look and work identically on any platform, thanks to iRidium native client. It greatly reduces the time of GUI creation.

Any Equipment Works with iRidium:


Various Automation Systems

iRidium doesn’t limit you to one automation system only. Control a number of automation systems within one project! Integrate Modbus, KNX and other equipment with Crestron!


Ready-made Script Modules

Easy control of any equipment (Media Servers, AV, receivers). Select any module you want, add it to your project and enjoy absolute control!


Tool for Creating Drivers 

With iRidium Driver Development Kit creating a new driver is simpler than ever!

What We Offer Crestron Intergators:


Native Driver

Crestron Driver is a native driver written in С++ that provides highly reliable and fast work.


Interfaces In Any Language!

iRidium supports Unicode and any International font. It’s incredibly handy! You can write any text on any graphic item in any language.

One license and lots of control panels_big.png

One License – Many Panels

You can choose the type of license that suits you best. Device License enables control from one panel. Site License enables control from any number of panels.

Let's compare!


Crestron App

Software solution

Supported panels

Windows 7/8

Windows XP/7/8

Flexible interface

Templates for creating interfaces

iRidium GUI Editor (wide graphic capabilities and functions)

Smart Graphics™

Support of Unicode and Internatinal Font

Modules for Media Servers (Sonos, iTunes, XBMC, Squeezebox)

Complete solutions

Requires additional programming 

Intercom support

Integration with sensors: Access to GPS, Compass, etc.

Supported video formats



Graphical Core

iRidium Core


Integration with other automation systems

Site license

Conveniences and Utilities

Control Worldwide

Control Worldwide

Control from any part of the world: via your local net or the Internet (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, GPRS).

Different Access Levels

Different Access Levels

You can program up to 4 different access levels on any of your objects. Just think of it! For instance, the owner of the building has the highest access level and can control the whole building. And his employees have a lower access level and can control only their offices. Everybody is happy!


Intercom Support

You can use Intercom function on iOS, OS X or Windows platforms for:

  • external Intercom
  • communication between panels
  • cell phone calls

Enhanced Video Support

With new iRidium V2.1 you can get video streams from all modern video cameras and DVRs in MJPEG and H.264 formats.  


Ready-made Modules for Media Servers

Full control of Media Servers. Simple intergration into a created project. The modules work like manufacturer's native apps.


Multi-design  Function

You can upload as many projects on your control panel as you want. It’s crucially important, if your customer wants to control multiple objects. Your customer is free to choose any interface for any object! 

MxPeg Support

MxPeg Support

Full support of the MxPeg format enables receipt of both audio and video from Mobotix call panels and IP cameras in one stream.

Coding of .irpz Files

Coding .irpz Files

Do you want to protect thedesign and scripts written by you from uncontrolled copying? Now it is possible! Coding of .irpz files will help you to do that.


Interface Wizard

Create a brand new interface in 2 minutes!

  • numerous interface designs 
  • auto-scaling to the required screen resolution
  • quick interface editing on any stage of the project  
Remote Project Update via HTTP/HTTPS and URL

Remote Project Update via HTTP/HTTPS and URL

  • Project upload without using Transfer;
  • You do not need to set up the router.
Reading of QR codes

Reading QR codes

An interesting “feature” for commercial projects.
For example, a guest can download the interface for controlling his hotel room on his smart phone at the reception desk, just by scanning the QR code.

Improved Work of the iOS Client with Retina

Improved Work of the iOS Client with Retina

More and more people want to control from their iOS devices with Retina displays? – Great! Now projects with Retina resolution work faster.


Assurance of Reliability

Want to test iRidium yourself? Use the opportunity and see how iRidium works before buyng it.    

And it is absolutely free!


Andrey Shavrov, engineer, Media-Tech

The software feels excellent. The graphical part is superb, and java is simply fantastic!


Technology of Communication with Crestron

Connection scheme:
Protocol of communication with Crestron:
  • Crestron (TCP), connection via Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Supported join types:
  • Digital, Analog, Serial
Data import and manual setting:
  • importing the list of joins from SIMPL (*.smw) projects
  • manual setting of joins in the project
Control of Crestron via the Internet:
  • dynamic switching from local connection to connection via the Internet is possible 
  • data сommunication with the Crestron controller is performed at the iRidium App launch and during its work 
Required hardware:
  • the Crestron contoller (2nd, 3rd generations)
  • set up network equipment for IP-connection between control panels and the contoller
  • set up Wi-Fi router or wireless access point for connecting wireless control panels
  • optional: access to the Internet for remote control (when using the public IP-address or domain name)
Required software:
  • iRidium Environment (iRidium GUI Editor, iRidium Transfer, iRidium App) for creating a vizialization project - for free 
Supported control panels:
  • Apple iOS 6 based devices and later: iPad (all generations except the 1st one), iPhone (3d  generation and later), iPod touch (4th generation and later)
  • Windows 7/8 based devices: personal computers, all-in-one PCs, tablet computers
  • Android OS based devices (from Android 2.3): smartphones and tablets (SD-card is required for storing projects) 
  • OS X 10.5 Leopard based devices and later: Mac Mini, iMac, MacPro, MacBook
Number of simultaneously connected control panels
  • It is possible to connect several panels to the Crestron controller in the local net or via the Internet. Every control panel should have a unique IP ID. 
Control of Crestron together with other automation systems:
  • You can control Crestron, AV equipment and any other iRidium supported automation system in one project
  • Device License for Crestron - enables one panel to control any Crestron controller and send commands to AV equipment (without receiving feedback from AV)
  • Device License Pro for Crestron - enables one panel to control any Crestron controller and AV equipment with receiving feedbaсk from script drivers for AV
  • Site License for Crestron - enables any control panel (and several panels at a time) to control one (licensed) Crestron controller
  • Trial License (Free) - enables one panel to control any Crestron controller, it is valid for 30 days 

Visualization technology (graphic capabilities for Crestron)

Characteristics of visualization projects:
  • a project can be customizable completely (you can use sample GUIs and Galleries or create your own interface)
  • iRidium is not a browse solution: projects work on control panels, it has a fast response on events 
  • looks identically on any OS due to the multiplatform core and auto-scaling
  • you can launch several GUIs on one control panel and switch them freely
  • you can set up general parameters of GUI work on control panels
  • you can launch GUIs on control panels in your local net and via the Internet
Control and visualization capabilities:
  • completely customizable pages and popups 
  • GUI orientation (landscape/portrait)
  • switching between pages and popups using buttons and gestures 
  • animation support when switching between pages 
  • selection of Start and Screensaver pages 
  • flexible access system: passwords for opening pages or popups 
  • static and animated control items: Buttons, Levels, Joysticks, Edit boxes, virtual keys, etc. 
  • support of background images for pages and project items: Icons, Chameleon Images (changing color), Borders
  • support of any font in the Unicode format
  • playing different sounds in a project 
  • display of video from IP-cameras (stream video in the JPEG/MJPEG, H.264/MPEG-4 formats), weather informers 
  • support of URL-schemes (hyperlinks, commands to OS)
  • display of system parameters (date, time, net and etc.)
  • script system: complex scenarios of communication between the project graphic part and the controlled equipment
GUI control items:
  • Button: sending values, calling out macros or a scenario 
  • Button (with the display function only): displaying the variable status
  • Level: regulating the value in the preset range with the help of level slider and displaying the variable status by slider position
  • Trigger Button: switching the variable state betweeen 2 fixed values (on/off, up/down, etc.)
  • Up/Down Button: incrementing/decrementing the variable value from the current one
  • Color Picker (Joystick): RGB palette for controlling LED tape
  • Edit Box: sending values,which are input from the keyboard, to the bus or providing secure access to GUI items  
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General Questions

  • What is iRidium for?
    iRidium is a software product for professional integrators of automation and Audio/Video systems. With the help of iRidium you can create a panel for controlling all your equipment from any iPad, iPhone, Mac, Andoid or Windows based device. The software supports many popular automation systems and allows you to create your own drivers. The important iRidium feature is creation of fully customizable user interfaces which combine control of all systems.
  • Is iRidium a software solution?
    Yes, it is. You do not need any server or hardware to work with iRidium. You just install the software package on your PC and create a visualization project. The client application installed on your iOS, Android, Windows or Mac will enable launch of your visualization project on any supported OS. The client application connects to the controlled equipment directly, without any intermediaries (excluding your router providing Wi-Fi connection or communication with your equipment via Ethernet). You do not need to have a web-server or PC to work with iRidium. Internet connection is not required.
  • Where should I start?
    Decide what equipment you want to control with iRidium. Install the software components and read instructions about iRidium for your equipment. Video-lessons and on-line webinars, if they are already available for your equipment, will help you to speed up the process. While creating the project, refer to the information about iRidium components and licensing.
  • Do applications for PC work on Windows only?
    Yes, they do. The setup for PC can be installed only on Windows 7/8 OS (or launch with the help of a virtual machine, Windows Emulator). Do not activate iRidium licenses for virtual machines: they generate new HWID at each launch and your licenses will not work.

Prices, Licenses, Registration

  • How to activate a license?
    Activation means creation of the license file (.irl) with the help of the purchased activation key. After purchasing the license you receive the key which you will assign to the control panel (until the key is not assigned the control device is not defined). This procedure is performed in the MY ACCOUNT section of the web site. All purchased keys should be added in the MY ACCOUNT section and then assigned to particular devices with the help of HWID/Serial Number. The ready license file should be added in Transfer and uploaded to the control panel together with the visualization project. You can find more detailed information about the activation procedure here.
  • How much is iRidium?
    All iRidium components are free. Only licenses are sold. Without licenses there won’t be connection with the controlled equipment.
    License prices can be accessed only by the companies engaged in the Automation market. You can see them after you go through Full Registration on the iRidium mobile web site (for integrators). Consumer prices can be requested from an iRidium distributor in your country.
    Sample GUIs (templates of graphic inerfaces) and JS modules (projects and drivers for working with various equipment which is not included in the standard iRidium base) are additional but not compulsory for use materials. Sample GUIs and JS modules are sold or distributed for free.
  • Where can I see license prices for an integrator?
    You can find information about prices in the "BUY" section of the iRidium mobile web site. You can see the price-list and buy iRidium licenses at prices for integrators only if you belong to a company working on the Automation maket. You can confirm the status of your company after going through Full Registration on the web site (available after the initial registration).
  • Is a license purchased for each control panel or it can be used for several devices?
    It depends on the license type. There are two main types:
    Device License - it can be purchased for each iRidium product. It is a license for a control panel. You need to purchase a Device license for each control panel. The license will work only on the panel which was selected initially (at the license activation).
    Site License - it can be purchased for iRidium products for AMX, Crestron, KNX IP BAOS. It is a license "for a controller". You can upload the license file of this type on any number of control panels. All of them can be connected to the controller selected at the license activation.
    You can find detailed information about the licensing system here.
  • Is the downloaded GUI Editor fully functional for creating projects or I need to have a license for it too?
    The license is not required for working with GUI Editor. All functions of GUI Editor for creating projects are available but it is recommended to license Emulator of GUI Editor.
    Emulator is a program built in GUI Editor. It allows you to see how your project will work on the customer control panel. Only the graphic part of the project can work without the license. The driver part of the project and feedback form scripts are not functional.
    On the first stage of working with iRidium it is convenient to use free Trial licenses provided for each registered user.
  • Can I use several Site licenses on one panel?
    Only one Site license for one controller can work with one project. They cannot be merged. But the Multi-design function available beginning with iRidium v.2.1 allows you to upload several projects on one control panel. For each of these projects there can be its Site license.
  • Can I merge two Site or Device licenses?
    You cannot merge Site licenses. But you can do it with Device licenses. You cannot merge Site and Device licenses. To merge two Device licenses for different drivers you should activate two license activation keys indicating the same HWID. Download the second activated license file on your PC. It will contain two drivers licensed with the help of two different keys.
  • How can I update licenses when switching from V1.5 to V2.x?
    You don't need to update the licenses. You will be able to use V1.5 licenses when working with V2.x. But V2.x licenses cannot be used when working with V1.5. In V2.1 identifiers of all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) changed. It will affect upload of new projects on iOS panels. See more information here.
  • Every time I start Transfer I receive a new HWID of my PC. What should I do?
    HWID is a unique device identifier. It should not change. Otherwise your license will not work. If you have such a problem there can be several explanations:
    а) you work on a virtual machine (Windows Emulator). Switch to the regular Windows based PC.
    b) you have a hard disk RAID-array used on your PC. Deactivate it.

Visualization Capabilities, GUI Editor

  • Updating iRidium components
    To update all iRidium components go to iRidium GUI Editor, open the menu Tools > Options > File Operating > mark the field "Check Updatings at start". Then restart GUI Editor and agree to install the new version. After downloading and unpacking are finished, updated GUI Editor will automatically open on your PC.
    "Big" updates (when the app version changes, for example, 2.1>2.2) has to be performed using the full setup which can be downloaded from the web site.
  • Updating iRidium components to Beta-version
    iRidium Beta-versions are meant for testing new capabilities of the software package but they are not stable. If you use Beta-versions you should be confident in your actions and save backup copies of your projects. To update all iRidium components to Beta-version go to iRidium GUI Editor, open the menu Tools > Options > File Operating > mark the fields "Check Updatings at start" and "Check Beta-builds". Then restart GUI Editor and agree to install the new version. After downloading and unpacking are finished updated GUI Editor will automatically open on your PC.
  • How can I add a license to Emulator?
    Open GUI Editor, go to the menu Tools>Options> Emulator - here you can see the field where it is necessary to indicate the path to the license file for your PC. The license is stored in the .irl format. You can receive it in the MY ACCOUNT section on the iRidium mobile web site. Users registered on the web site receive two free Trial licenses.
  • Will a project created in V2.1 work in V2.2?
    Yes, it will. These iRidium versions are fully compatible. Before uploading the interface, save it in the new editor version (it is recommended to save the project under a new name to preserve the compatibility of the initial project with V2.1).
  • Will a project created in V1.5 work in V2.x?
    V1.5 projects can be converted for V2.x but there are limitations. Some drivers cannot be imported from old projects to new ones. Some relations of items and commands have to be restored manually. See more information here.
  • Transferring drivers (devices) from one project to another
    If you created a device with a set of commands and feedback channels in one project and want to transfer it to another project you can use the special import function. It is available in the GUI Editor menu File > Import. Go to the import menu, select the project file in the irpz format (or another available format) where you want to transfer the tree of devices from and confirm the import. As a result you will receive the list of drivers of the imported project. Mark the ones you want to transfer to the new project. Press ОК. New drivers will be added without substituting the drivers in the new project.
  • Merging several projects
    If it is necessary to merge two projects or add a script module you can use the special merge function. It enables transfer of all pages, drivers and scripts of one project to another saving relations between commands and items. Items of the merged projects do not overlay or substitute each other. To enable the merge make sure there are no pages, drivers, script modules with same names (rename them). When merging projects with different resolutions the size of the subsidiary project will be changed to the size of the main one. See the video
  • Change the resolution of the project and all its items
    A ready project (for example, for iPad) can be resized for another device (if automatic resize of the project on the panel does not work for you). You can do it by changing the resolution in the settings of the ready project. Project > Project Properties > project size.
  • Fast text editing on items
    Use hot keys (not to select the text editing field manually):
    F2 - edit the text in State 1 of the item,
    Shift+F2 - edit the text in All States of the item.
  • Animated items in Gallery
    Items with more than two states are considered animated. They can play frame animation activated by different events in the system. Such items can be created from separate frames and added to Gallery of GUI Editor combining all frames in one object. See more information here.
  • Import of images in Gallery
    You can add your images in the project by dragging them in Editor Workspace (on the project page) from any folder. Import of images to Gallery is available in the right-click menu in Gallery (Import File, Import Folder). See more information here.
  • Chameleon buttons with dynamically changing color
    There are Buttons with two states in standard iRidium Gallery (folder iRidium > Buttons). All of them are blue by default. But it's not their constant value. The color can be changed depending on the project style. It can be done with the help of Chameleon Image - and image with changeable color. The color of Button with Chameleon Image will correspond to the color selected for the Button border or filling. Thus, by changing the color of the Button border you change the color of Chameleon Image. See more information here.
  • Time, date, battery charge and other data for projects
    System properties of your PC or tablet computer with running iRidium can be displayed in the visualization project. There are special variables for that - System Tokens. They can be accessed via the Project Device Panel tab in GUI Editor. System Tokens are available for reading only (but some of them, for example screen brightness, can be changed). If you add them as feedback channels on project items you will be able to display the current time, date, network status, GPS and many other properties. See more information description of system tokens and System Tokens API.
  • Radio Buttons
    It is a set of graphic items which allows the user to choose only one of the preset range of options. Switchers of this type are joined in groups of two or three items. There is no separate graphic item type for creating Radio Buttons. They are synchronized with each other via the common project variable - Project Token which stores the current state if the group and sends it to each item of the group. You can see the example of creating Radio Buttons for creating the project menu here.
  • Vertical/horizontal design
    iRidium projects can contain pages with different orientation which are "alternative" to each other. The selection of which page to show is made by the client application and depends on the position of the control panel. When you turn the control panel, the project also turns. See information about setting up pages with different orientation here.
  • Screensaver
    It is any project page which will automatically open, if the user doesn't do anything with the project for some time. It is activated in the project settings. See more information here.
  • Hyperlinks (URL), mailto, tel, sms, ...
    URL (Universal Resource Locator) — is a universal indicator of the resource which is used for activating some application, service or some other action on the control panel. URL-schemes are different for different OS. They are used differently on Windows, iOS, Android. The most popular way of using URL-schemes is opening hyperlinks in the window of the standard browser. See information about using URL-schemes on different OS here.
  • "Mutex" popus (Popup Group)
    If you can select a group of popups in your project, which can never be shown together, such popups can be considered mutex. They can be placed in Popup Group for convenience, It allows you to open only one of the popups in the group at a time and close all the previous ones automatically. Popup Group is available in the Projects Overview window. See more information here.
  • Create an item with equal sides
    If you press on the Ctrl key when using the Draw Item tool, the item, created in Workspace, will be square and not rectangular with random sides. The size of the square is defined by the cursor.
  • Grid in Editor Workspace
    To position project items in the grid with the preset step activate it in Editor Toolbox, the Grid button.
  • Add objects (pages, popups) to Gallery together with script files
    If you created a script module assigned to a particular project popup or page (for example, one displaying the weather or currency exchange rate), you can save the module with the page to Gallery. To do it, open Gallery, select the page, press the Alt key and drag the page from the Project Overview window to Gallery. You will see the dialog window for selecting the script file, which you should save with the page. You can use such an object in your project.
  • IP cameras, stream video
    iRidium supports processing of stream video in the H.264, MJPG formats. Stream video can be output on any graphic item of the interface similarly to a standard image. See information about setting up video in iRidium here.
  • What IP cameras work with iRidium?
    The important feature of IP cameras when working with iRidium is the possibility of receiving the direct link to the stream video in the MJPG or H.264 formats. For example, the following cameras have been tested (not all of the models, see camera specifications!): Axis, D-Link, Panasonic, Vivotec, etc. See more information here.
    Do not choose cameras working via ActiveX, which requires installing the driver on PC. You cannot receive the link to the video from such cameras.
    Here is the useful resource where you can see the list of camera manufactures and types of video stream you can receive from cameras:
    iRidium mobile is not responsible for your choice of IP cameras (recorder) and does not guarantee compatibility with particular models which haven't been tested by the company. The choice is made at your own risk.
  • Can I set up control of PTZ IP cameras (their turning and focus)?
    Control of position and focus offset of IP cameras is made with the help of the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) commands. Usually regular GET-requests, sent by the HТТР protocol, are used. Thus, to implement PTZ control for an IP camera in iRidium you need the AV & Custom Systems (НТТР) driver which enables the setup of these commands in the project. You will require the license AV & Custom Systems.
  • SIP - integration with Intercom, Video Intercom, calls between iRidium panels
    Beginning with V2.1 iRidium supports the SIP protocol for setting up voice communication between iRidium panels, other SIP-clients, other iRidium panels.
    iRidium panels work in the SIP-client mode. In order to have connection with Intercom you need to have the set up SIP server. You need to indicate the connection properties in the settings of iRidium SIP-client. iRidium provides only the client part, the server part is selected to the discretion of the integrator. The SIP driver for iRidium V2.1 can be downloaded for free from the iRidium mobile web site.
  • What is an *.irgl object?
    .irgl is an object of iRidium Gallery, stored in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\iRidium mobile2\Editor\Gallery. Such objects are not meant for adding to GUI Editor directly. If you want to add them to your Gallery, just copy the folder to the indicated directory.

Equipment, Drivers

  • How do built-in drivers drivers differ from the script ones?
    Built-in (native) drivers are included in the standard iRidium base. Such drivers are quickly set up in в GUI Editor. They are standardized and are provided with detailed instructions and examples. Script dirvers are always created on the base of the native AV & Custom Systems driver with the help of iRidium scripts (the programming language based on Java Script). They are used for controlling any systems which are not included in the standard iRidium base. Usually the script drivers are distributed with the visualization project (for example, XBMC, Sonos, iTunes, ... ).
  • How can I change the IP-address of the controlled system in real time?
    It is not possible to set up two IP-addresses for one driver in the project for switching between the local network and the Internet. But you can change the IP-address of connection to the controller while working with the project. To do it, use the simple script (IR.SetParameters), which changes connection properties for the driver while it is working. See more information in the instructions for your equipment.

i2 Control, Supported OS

  • What OS does iRidium work on? What OS are planned to support in the future?
    At the moment iRidium works on the following OS:
    • Apple iOS v.6 based devices and later: iPad (all generations except iPad1), iPhone (3Gs and later), iPod touch (4 generation and later)
    • Windows 7/8 based devices: PCs, all-in-one PCs, tablet PCs
    • Android OS based devices: smart phones and tablet PCs (SD-card is required) beginning with Android 2.3
    • Mac (OS X) based devices: OS X 10.5 Leopard and later (Mac Mini, iMac, MacPro, MacBook)
    Support of other OS (Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Linux, ...) is not planned in the nearest future. Information about support of new systems will be published on the company information resources.
  • What Android devices has iRidium been tested on?
    iRidium supports Android based smart phones and tablet PCs beginning with Android 2.3 and later. But we cannot guarantee its work on all devices, as Android is an open OS and manufactures of Android devices can make changes, which are not compatible with iRidium work. The choice of devices is made by you at your risk. We recommend testing iRidium work on the selected panel by launching a sample GUI on it.
    Lab tests of iRidium for Android were made on such devices as HTC Sensation and HTC Incredible S (UDP transport on HTC drain firmware does not work which causes inoperability of the "Search" function and forced project update for this smart phone in Transfer. The update is possible after restarting the application.), Sony Tablet S, Acer A500, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Liquid and some others. The testing cannot guarantee 100% work of your project on a similar Android device due to the possible differences in the firmware and project functional.
  • Does iRidium work via 3G?
    Yes, it does. iRidium can work with any way of connection to the Internet. The faster is the connection, the more responsive is the interface.
  • Will iRidium work after updating the firmware on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?
    Do not update the firmware of your device until making sure that iRidium client has been updated accordingly. Changes in iOS can lead to problems with software work. If you have problems with the control interface after updating the firmware, it is recommended to reinstall iRidium on your iOS device and upload the design on the device again.

iRidium Transfer

  • The "Search" function for panels doesn't work.
    The search system in Transfer can have problems because of different reasons. Most likely it is because of the anti-virus or problems with network settings (Transfer and your control panel are in different IP subnetworks). See more information here.
  • How many designs can be uploaded on one control device?
    The Multi-design function in Transfer allows to upload several designs on one device at a time (the number of designs is limited only by the available memory of the panel). By default the Multi-design function is not activated and only one design can be uploaded on the device. It substitutes the previous one.
  • "Unknown file format" when adding projects in Transfer
    It is possible that the Transfer version is older than the project version. First of all, update the iRidium components on your PC and check that there are no reserved characters used in the path to the file. If it doesn't help, send your project to iRidium Support Team so they could help you to solve the problem.
  • Every time I start Transfer I receive a new HWID of my PC. What should I do?
    HWID is a unique device identifier. It should not change. Otherwise your license will not work. If you have such a problem there can be several explanations:
    а) you work on a virtual machine (Windows Emulator). Switch to the regular Windows based PC.
    b) you have hard disk RAID-array used on your PC. Deactivate it.

iRidium Script

iRidium Gate


Apartment on Krestovsky Island

Private integrator
Saint Petersburg, Russia
AMX, Crestron


Albus Pro Ltd.
Ohta-Park, Russia
HDL, KNX, C-Bus, Crestron


«Shalash» Ltd.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Crestron, AV

Office in Megameid Company

“Foreit” PC
Russia, Saint Petersburg

Rabobank Land van Cuijk-Maasduinen

The Netherlands - Boxmeer
KNX, Helvar, Modbus, Crestron