Casa Blanca (Smart House ). Tajikistan. Dushanbe

Type of project: 

Location:  Tajikistan. Dushanbe
Equipment:  HDL
iRidium product:  iRidium pro

Casa Blanca (Smart House )

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
iRidium is used to control lighting, conditioning, heating, music, TV, IP TV, a projector, a projector screen, a lift for a ceiling lamp, pergolas, automatic plant watering, water fog, fire security system, video surveillance and a steam generator for hamam.

Project description
It’s a house in the outskirts of Dushanbe in a classical style. The house is meant for permanent residence and is equipped equipped with all required systems. There is a generator, a stabilizer, a system of water treatment, electrical system of water house heating and there is a capability to connect the house to central heating that will be laid to the house in the future. The numerous functions required automation and a central “remote” to control all systems of the house. An exclusive iRidium interface was created for this purpose. It allows to control all functions and systems of the house.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Control of TV via IP and control of HDL players.

Control panels :
iPhone 8, 10 и 11 – 5 pcs, Samsung S9 – 2pcs.

Equipment of the project:
HDL, Cool Master, Bolid, UniFi, Hickvision, Harvia, Sony, Epson, Kaktus, Pyxis