Apartment in “Kosmos” Residential Estate (Intelliger Ltd.). Russia, Saint Petersburg



Apartment in “Kosmos” Residential Estate (Intelliger Ltd.)

Type of project individual
Company Intelliger Ltd.
Location Russia, Saint Petersburg
Tasks set by the client in the project:
Automation was to provide convenient and flexible control of lighting, climate and other systems of the house, such as warm floors, leakage control and anti-icing system on the terrace.

Project description:
The project is controlled from iPad, key panels with a sceen, sensors and ordinal switches, integrated into the automation system.
iPad can control the whole apartment and see device statuses on-line. The interface is designed individually with respect to the features of the apartment.
Key panels can control lighting and climate in each room; switches are programmed for most convenient functions.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
We came across typical problems of the commissioning stage. Cables were laid by another contractor, so searching and correcting a problem took a lot of time and effort.

Control panels:
iPad Air 2 - 1 pc

Equipment of the project:
HDL Buspro