HIFI Club automated interior (SNRMediatech ). Seoul, Korea

Type of project: 

Location:  Seoul, Korea
Equipment:  A/V, Global Cache
Date of project completion:  11/30/2013 22:00:00

HIFI Club automated interior (SNRMediatech )

Tasks set by the client in the project:

  • Full control of lighting, including dimming control
  • Devision of lighting into 4 zones: Living room, Listening room 1, Listening room2, Home theater room.
  • Control of lighting from iPad, Android smart phone, as well as physical button control
  • Control of home theater devices: screen, projector, receiver amplifier, BluRay player and Airconditioning system via Global Cache by iRidium.
  • Scenarios of work for the whole system.

Project description:

  • The dimming system : PTN PTDM6 2 units (6 channel dimming control by RS485 communicaiton)
  • Button control : PTN WP8
  • IP to RS232,485 converter : PTN PTNET
  • Net adapter: Global Cache GC100-18

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
Hard to implement 2 way communication between iRidium and devices, i.e. RS232 Volume etc. Simpler GUI is necessary for consumer users

Сontrol panels: iPad3, Samsung Galaxy4s