Apartment in Bolshaya Bronnaya Street (KOROLAB). Russia, Moscow



Apartment in Bolshaya Bronnaya Street (KOROLAB)

Type of project Individual
Location Russia, Moscow
Tasks set by the client in the project
Complete automation of light control (simple change of scenes without programming), motion sensors must not be seen in the interior design, climate control (conditioners, input ventilation, electrical warm floors, exhaust fans), audio zones (including toilets). Creation of universal remotes for TV-sets, full accounting of resource consumption (water, electricity), including control of an automated door, installed in a tech room, into general scenes.

Project description
The project features:
Dimming of all light groups (24 groups of diod lighting for 220 V (120 lights), 16 groups of LED tapes).
A simple mechanism of setting lighting scenes is realized (without reprogramming the system).
Multifunctional hidden motion sensors (15 pcs) are installed
A complicated algorithm of night lighting in corridors and 2-level dimming in toilets by motion sensors is realized.
Coordinated control of 4 air-conditioners, ventilation, 5 heating radiators, an electric convector and 6 warm floors.
"Turn all off " mode including light, multiroom and TV-sets.
Voice notification to a mobile phone in case of emergency.
Remote control of all system functions via VPN.
Universal remotes are created to control TV-sets and Apple TV using gestures.
Data from meters of resource consumption and from the electrical meter are collected and displayed on control panels, charts of electricity consumption are created.
Video surveillance system is created with automatic creation of a video archive and display on a control panel
Fire and security systems with a biometric access is realized

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Integration of IP equipment required creation of personal drivers

Control panels :
iPad 2 - pcs
iPhone 2 - pcs

Equipment of the project:
ARK-1123H industrial server- 1pc
110-60 controller - 2 pcs
МВ110-32 binary input modem – 1pc
Mikrotik router – 1pc
IP DMX gateway- 1 pc
2-channel DMX dimmer 220V – 12 pcs
4-channel DMX dimmer 12-36V – 4 pcs
Heating servoactuators - 5 pcs
Gidrolock ball actuators -4 pcs
Leakage sensors - 5 pcs
IP АТС Grandstream UCM6102 - 1pc
VOIP GSM gateway – 1 pc
BASIP intercom – 1 pc
Hikvision IP-camera 2mpx – 1 pc
Hikvision DVR with POE – 1 pc
KOROLAB 6-zone IP-multiroom- 1 pc
NUC6I7KYK2 video server- 1 pc
NAS Synology DS715 – 1 pc
KOROLAB IR-transmitter – 4pcs
Samsung QE75Q8CAM TV-set -1 pc
Samsung QE49Q7FAM TV-set – 1pc
SAMSUNG UE40MU6400UXRU TV-set – 1 c
Samsung UE49KU6510 – 1 pc
Apple TV 4 – 4 pcs
P-com UPS – 1 pc