New Hotel Mykonos (Poseidwn Solutions)

Type of project individual
Company Poseidwn Solutions
Location Greece
Tasks set by the client in the project:
The Software must be easy to use.
The Alert caused by Emergency Button must be switched off only from the Software.
The Alert must be visible from the Software and must trigger a Siren in the Reception Area.
The Reception must know which rooms need to be cleaned up and which have sign Do Not Disturb.

Project description:
The project has been made in order to visualize the buttons "Do Not Disturb", "Clean Up Room" and "Emergency" that are located in every room of the Hotel and they are all connected through KNX..

Difficulties you faced while working on the project :
Since it was the first time using Iridium all the project was a challenge.

Control panels:
Windows PC - 1


KNX Power Supply  x 4
KNX Line Coupler  x 3
KNX Universal Interface - 4 folds x 40
Knx Router Ip Baos x 1