Reborn (Intelektualnye Sistemy PC). Russia, Ulan-Ude

Type of project: 

Location:  Russia, Ulan-Ude
Equipment:  HDL Bus pro

Reborn (Intelektualnye Sistemy PC)

Tasks set by the client in the project
Complete control of all systems of a motor-boat. Hybrid energy-unit. Outside illumination.

Project description
The power unit of the project is Xantrex XW 6048 hybrid station (2 pcs). The max power is 24 kW. 8 ACC AGM 220 А/h. The total energy output is 16 kW /h. The station works automatically in the following modes: charging from generator, charging from shore power, bypass, conversion. No crew involvement is required to control the modes. Control of lighting, heating, video surveillance and music is done from a 23'' touch screen monitor in the cockpit. All the lighting is LED and dimmable. The climate is divided into 7 zones, heated by electric convertors. Stairs lighting depends on the weather. The cargo winch and the gangway are controlled with variable-frequency drives. The gangway and the deck are illuminated. Next year water (RGB) lighting along the sides and in the propeller zone will be done. The underwater lighting is planned to be LED 6x100 w.
4 IP cameras are installed at the moment, 2 more will be added. One of them will be place on the very top of the boat for a all-round view.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Too little space. Vessels are built too compact. We had to calculate all sizes with millimeter precision and place equipment very densely in the stands. No other difficulties occurred.

Control panels
NetTops, based on intel core i5 with 23" touch screen monitor. It also functions as a system of video analyses that registers such events as “fire”, “smoke”, “vandalism”. Video records are stored for 4 days.

Equipment of the project
  • Xantrex xw 6048 - 2
  • Xantrex xw AGS - 1
  • Xantrex xw SCP - 1
  • AGM VRLA HAZE 220 A/h - 10
  • HDL-SB-LED650mA - 3
  • HDL-MD0602.432 - 2
  • SB-DN-PS2.4A - 1
  • HDL-MPL8FM.46 - 1
  • HDL-MR1210.433 - 1
  • HDL-SB-DRY-4Z - 1
  • HDL-MFH06.432 - 1
  • HDL-MPT2.48 - 6
  • HDL-SB-CMS-PIR - 1