Multi-zone heating automation system ().
- Control of heating (including floor heating) in 6 zones
- Control of heating valves, relays or 0-10V
- Monitoring of air and floor temperature
- Work in different modes: timers, schedules, day-night.

Multi-zone heating automation system

Equipment, software

Required equipment

  • License iRidium for HDL BusPro
  • 6ch heating control module HDL-MFH06.432
  • Sensors
  • Power supply
  • Logic controller
  • IP interface for HDL BusPro

Additional equipment

  • heating valves by Oventrop, Danfoss, etc.


To offer a system of multi-zone control of heaters and water-based floor heating for a typical house.

The system is:

  • to consist of modules;
  • to be expandable;
  • to set exact temperature for each zone;
  • to have floor and air temperature sensors

Scheme of connection

Multi-zone heating automation system

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