Vaskelovo ("Elspace" Ltd.). Russia, St.Petersburg

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Vaskelovo ("Elspace" Ltd.)

Type of project individual
Company "Elspace" Ltd.
Location Russia, St.Petersburg
Tasks set by the client in the project
As the house is not lived in permanently the basis requirement of the customer was a capability to monitor all systems of the house locally and remotely.

Project description
Private country house (3 floors and a basement), 1800 square meters in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg. The whole house is automated. The house consists of 40 rooms, including a SPA complex with a swimming pool, home cinema, music room, play room, 4 bed-rooms and all technical rooms.
The control system covers the territory around the house as well.

3 different interfaces were designed with different functions and looks, defined by its purposes. All intefaces are based on iRidium Software.
- an interface for iPad with interactive photos of the rooms, that display th current state of lighting, temperature, blinds and rollets. Within this interface we developed an interface for home cinema.
- a dispatcher interface that displays statuses and controls all equipment.
All interfaces are available on all tablets in the house by the customer's request.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
No difficulties occured..

Control panles
wall-mounted iPad - 4 pcs
mobile iPad - 3 pcs
dipatcher's PC - 1 pc
remote PC of the customer - 1 pc

KNX equipment controls lighting, warm floors, blinds, rollers, swimming pool, power supply, measures the water level in the wells, the fuel level in the tank of the diesel generator, controls flooding, etc. All systems are integrated in a single solution controlled form a variety control panels.
iRidium use allowed to integrate in the system a lot of equipment working via IP, such as JBL, Integra, Sony projector, motorized Stewart screnn etc.)