Villa Montem Capere (HOMETEC)

Type of project individual
Location Austria
Tasks set by the client in the project
Easy control over all controlled devices.
Lowest possible energy costs in face of comfort and quality of life.
One solution Interface.
Top design.

Project description
It is an 1200m2 big private house, there live 2 parents and 2 kids. the main focus is to reach the maximum quality of life. so it was important to make an user interface which is really easy. we designed the user interface with the pictures of rooms, so you always know which room you control. only the features which are in the room will showed by userinterface. from the video- intercom, the entry, lightcontrol, shades, pool, sauna, multimedia to the science of measuring and control engineering there was many cutting surfaces to define to have on the end an working solution. we control every temperature sensor, every pump and so on. we also have an technican back end interface for all settings. the user have the front end easy interface where he use the daily features.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Alarmintegration in Iridium App, all Status Infos are in the Iridium App.
Security Cameras are integrated in the HDMI Matrix to show on TV´s and also in the Iridium App.
Ekey Entry Access Control via RS-485 Controller with full Access management over Iridium App.
Three Intercom System in the Iridium App.
Light Scenecontrol in the Iridium App.

Control panles
iPad Air 2 with Iroom Idock Glass - 4pcs
iPhones - 4pcs

12x SONY Security Cameras IP
1x 19" VPN PC for external Remote Service with Iridium Panel and Software and Milestone Videoserver
1x 48x Full managed Gigabit switch
1x 24x Full managed Gigabit switch POE+
8x Unifi Access Points
1x Microtik RB2011 VPN WAN Router
TELENOT Alarm System RS232/IP
3x MOBOTIX T-25 IP-VIDEO Intercom
6x Ekey RS-485 Fingerprints
1x HOMETEC Ekey RS-485 IP
LOXONE for science of measuring and control engineering
PHÖNIX Independent power supply IP
MDT KNX Actuators for Shades and Power switches
HOMETEC Light Dimmer DMX
1x AMX NXB-KNX-IP Gateway
1x AMX NI-3101 Signature Controller
2x AMX 8Channel Digital-Amp with IP
1x MMS-5A Autonomic Home IP
24 Sonance Inwall Speaker in 16 Zones
1x Apple TV IR
3x Dreambox 8020 Twin DVB-STuner IP
1x LG 84"UB980V LED TV IR
1x Marantz SR6009 5.1 Receiver IP
1x Marantz UD7007 Blurayplayer RS232
1x Synology NAS 12TB
1x Elitescreen 110" Relay
1x BENQ SH915 FullHD Beamer RS232
1x Kindermann Compact 80 Ceiling Lift for Beamer RS232
1x Kindermann 49" TV Lift RS232
1x LG 49" 49UB850 LED TV  IR