iRidium lite. Basics of Work in iRidium lite

iRidium lite. Basics of Work in iRidium lite

Video lessons on Youtube

An interface to control Smart home can be created in iRidium lite without programming or drawing. Special training is not required for it, as the process is simple and intuitive. Install «i3 lite» app on a device with iOS, Android or Windows PC and start your work.
We created video lessons for you to understand in advance how easy it is to work with iRidium lite.

Who the course is for:

    1. Installers of smart homes.
    2. Installers of low-voltage systems that want to add to their profile one more service - «control from smartphone».
    3. Everybody who created their own smart home and wants to control it from smartphone or tablet.


    1. Introduction into iRidium lite — 21 min.
    2. Basics of work — 1 h 23 min
Total: 1 h 45 min

Video lessons include information about:

  • tasks that can be solved by iRidium lite and how iRidium lite can be useful to installers;
  • the process of interface creation;
  • connecting a server to a project;
  • creating logics;
  • sharing an interface with a user;
  • forming a license price.

How to use video lessons:

    1. See all video lessons one after another to get the idea how an interface is created. After it start your own work with iRidium lite.
    2. Start creating your first project. See videos only on those functions that cause difficulty.