iRidium lite. Basics of Work in iRidium lite

iRidium lite. Basics of Work in iRidium lite

On-line course

Create an interface on a control panel (iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows PC) without knowledge of programming or design.
iRidium lite is meant for installers of Smart homes and electricians. It’ll take you only 2 hours to do the course.

At the course you’ll learn:

  • what components i3 lite platform consists of;
  • what types of users there are in i3 lite;
  • how to create and set a project;
  • how to connect a server to a project;
  • how to share a project with a customer;
  • how to license a project.

Bonuses after the course:

  • knowledge – it’s priceless.
  • exclusive access to the new Classical design in white and black editions. It’s retail price for i3 lite is 400 USD!
  • additional discount*
  • certificate of iRidium lite Specialist
* Silver dealer status will be given to you for 3 months with an option to prolong it for 1 year if you make a purchase for any sum within these 3 months.


Oksana Storozheva (iRidium mobile)

  • Founder and head of the testing department
  • Tech support agent of hundreds of projects with iRidium
  • Co-author of technical documentation
  • Trainer of newcomers in iRidium mobile

Price: free

Time to take the course: 2 hours

Trainee’s feedback:

Nikita Vityk
March 1, 2018

It’s a good course! It’s brief and clear. Now I understand what is what.

Sergey Kotin
March 7, 2018

The course is better than trying to find videos in YouTube. The order of learning is good here. It’s better to start here.

Nadezhda Sadovskaya
March 26, 2018

It’s easy, clear and brief.

«iRidium lite. Basics of Work in iRidium lite»
on-line course

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