On-line course: Basics of Work in iRidium pro

Basics of Work in iRidium pro

On-line course

Start: June 7. Duration: 4 weeks


We'll teach you to create projects to control Smart home in iRidium pro. After the course you are a certified iRidium Specialist.
The course is based on the old interface of iRidium studio, a tool to create control interfaces and projects for a server. But despite this, the materials of the course are up-to-date as the principle of working, setting and item interaction are the same.
You can still join the group that started on June 7!

At the course you’ll learn:

  • what control interface consists of;
  • how to create it in iRidium studio;
  • what graphic items can be used to control equipment;
  • how to edit ready interfaces to suit your tasks;
  • how to set equipment, schedules and logics on the server;
  • how to test;
  • how to share a project with a customer.
That is, you’ll go through all steps of an integrator after registering on our web-site and installing iRidium setup.
After the course you can edit ready interface designs from our web-site that do not contain script to suit the requirements of your customer. You will also be ready for further stages of training – setting control of a definite type of equipment (KNX, Modbus, HDL) in iRidium pro and for a course on JavaScript programming for more flexible control of projects.

Bonuses after the course:

  • Knowledge — it’s priceless!
  • A new interface design (choose one among Classical (White edition), Classical (Black edition) or Slide v.2), the retail price of each of them is 800 USD!).
  • Certificate of iRidium pro Specialist.

Additional bonuses for iRidium dealer:

  • Additional discount for products by iRidium mobile: silver dealer status will be given to you for 3 months with an option to prolong it for 1 year if you make a purchase for any sum within these 3 months.
  • Possibility to display your contact details in the Find a Certified iRidium Specialist section
If you have DIY registration, but you are a professional installer, write a request to us at contact@iridiummobile.ru to get a dealer registration


Oksana Storozheva (iRidium mobile)

  • Founder and head of the testing department.
  • Tech support agent of hundreds of projects with iRidium.
  • Co-author of technical documentation.
  • Trainer of newcomers in iRidium mobile.

Time to take the course: 4 weeks. June 7

Trainee’s feedback:

Aleksandr Panasenko
January 17, 2018

Thank you for the instructive course, fast reaction to my messages and pleasant feedback from the trainer.

Mikhail Arsenjev
June 6, 2018

I think the course is very useful. You collected here all basic information for further independent study. Thank you!

Alexander Alekhin
March 23, 2018

It’s very interesting! The proprietary terminology and vast amazing capabilities of iRidium, that I have never seen in any other (even open) control system, encourage to spend more time on learning. It’s thrilling to go deeper and deeper in the material. And it’s a pleasure! Special “Thank you” for explaining everything very comprehensively. It’s easy to understand – just what is necessary when mastering innovative methods to solve tasks on building systems. 6 stars!

«Basics of Work in iRidium pro»
on-line course


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