On-line course: Basics of Work in iRidium pro

iRidi Pro Specialist Course
“How to Create Your First Project in iRidi Pro?”

On-line course

Start: May 13. Duration: 3 weeks

Language: English


It’s incredibly interesting to master a new product on your own, but it takes time and can be quite expensive.
The course will be useful to those who want to learn how to work with iRidi pro to create control interfaces and server logic.
During 3 weeks of the course you’ll get the theory of creating interfaces in iRidi Studio 2019 and you’ll have practice creating your first interface based on a simplified technical specification. During the course our tutor is in touch with you: he checks your practical tasks, gives feedback on them and answers your questions.

Week 1:

  • Creation of a graphical interface
  • You’ll adapt a ready interface template, iOS Style for Smart Home, to meet the requirements of the technical specification.
  • Practice in iRidi Studio.

Week 2:

  • Control of equipment
  • You’ll assign equipment control to the interface (Modbus emulator).
  • Practice in iRidi Studio.

Week 3:

  • Control via a server and testing by a customer
  • You’ll set server logic and share a project with a customer for testing via a cloud.
  • Practice in iRidi Studio and a personal account on our website.
After the course you take a certifying test and become iRidi certified specialist.

Bonuses after the course:

Additional bonuses:

  • An increased discount for iRidi products: Silver dealer status for 3 months after passing the certifying test. If you make any purchase of iRidi products during these 3 months, the status is prolonged for 1 year.
  • Capability to display your contact information on the page of iRidi certified specialists.
If you have DIY registration, but you are a professional installer, write a request to us at contact@iridiummobile.ru to get a dealer registration

Duration of the course:

3 weeks
no more than 3 weeks (accelerated).

Structure of the course:

The course consists of 3 modules, 1 week is given for one module.
Each Monday you get access to video lessons in your account on www.iridi.com. During a week you see videos, do practical tasks and take a self-control test. If you have questions, write them to the tutor’s e-mail and he’ll answer them during working hours.
Till Sunday you are to send a project with practical tasks to the tutor via a special form given at the end of each module
On Monday you get access to another module, the tutor checks your task of the previous module and sends you feedback.
One module is expected to take you from 6 to 10 hours per week.

You’ll need a Windows PC with Internet access and about 6-10 hours per week

You are given access to video-lessons and practical tasks
You send practical tasks to the tutor and take a test on the module.
After passing all module tests you are given access to a certifying test to become iRidi specialist. You can pass the test at once or within 1 month after the completion of the course. Each Monday we send certificates and bonuses to those who pass the test.
You can be moved to another group once, if you can’t send practical tasks to the tutor in time but you’d like to take the course with a tutor's guidance.

If 3 weeks is too long for you

There is an accelerated course for those who think that 3 weeks is too long. It’s only difference from the regular course is that you are given access to all 3 modules at once, and the tutor checks your tasks the next day after you send them.
It allows you to take the course fast and get the certificate and bonuses sooner but with full feedback from the tutor. For example, if you can do all tasks and pass a certifying test in a week, you’ll get iRidi specialist certificate and bonuses on Monday.
But the max duration of the course is the same as for the regular course - 3 weeks. An accelerated course suits those who can’t plan their time in advance. For example, it is possible not to send practical tasks during first two weeks, but you can send them all in week 3. The tutor will check them and give feedback.


Oksana Storozheva (iRidium mobile)

Trainer of newcomers in iRidi;
iRidi pro product manager.

Time to take the course: 3 weeks. February 6

Trainee’s feedback:

Aleksandr Panasenko
January 17, 2018

Thank you for the instructive course, fast reaction to my messages and pleasant feedback from the trainer.

Mikhail Arsenjev
June 6, 2018

I think the course is very useful. You collected here all basic information for further independent study. Thank you!

Alexander Alekhin
March 23, 2018

It’s very interesting! The proprietary terminology and vast amazing capabilities of iRidium, that I have never seen in any other (even open) control system, encourage to spend more time on learning. It’s thrilling to go deeper and deeper in the material. And it’s a pleasure! Special “Thank you” for explaining everything very comprehensively. It’s easy to understand – just what is necessary when mastering innovative methods to solve tasks on building systems. 6 stars!

«iRidi Pro Specialist Course»
“How to Create Your First Project in iRidi Pro?”

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