News from iRidium mobile. March 2018 30 March 2018

News from iRidium mobile. March 2018

On-line Trainings on iRidium pro & lite

We remind you that we launched on-line trainings on iRidium products. If you want to learn about capabilities of our products and to learn to work with iRidium on-line, join our on-line trainings on iRidium pro and iRidium lite.

After the courses if you pass a certifying test successfully, you'll become iRidium Certified Specialist and get other bonuses. Read more at the link below.


Detailed Review of iRidium pro & iRidium lite from Developers

To help you get a better understanding of our products we have prepared for you well-structured detailed articles about iRidium pro and iRidium lite in our blog. Each post answers the most popular questions about components, features, prices, etc., and compares the two products.

You are welcome to read these articles to understand what each product is for, how to work with each of them and what they cost.


New in iRidium pro: New Graphs/Trends in iRidium pro

If you always wanted to use trends in your projects but you were in two minds about it because of complicated setting, now you have a chance to try.

We have made for you a ready template that can help you test graphs work in iRidium. The graphs are designed in iOS style. All you have to do is to assign your variables to graphs.

You can follow all changes in iRidium pro and iRidium lite here: