Controller for automation systems and IoT. Wider capabilities
of lite and pro (logics, data bases,trends, remote control)


We care about data security

Hardware platforms

We recommend using iRidium server on the basis
of controllers tested by us

iRidium server RPi

Medium installations:
multiroom, conference hall,hotel
room, apartments, houses

iRidium server UMC

Medium and large installations:
Apartments, houses, hotels
office buildings

iRidium server UMC

Model:UMC-C3: RS-485(optional), KNX TP1-256(optional),
1-Wire(optional), LAN, USB A
RAM:512 MB
Non-volatile memory:EMMC 4GB
Power supply:12...30 VDC
Recommended load:- up to 25 control panels
- 10000 iRidium server tags

iRidium server UMC is sold only
with Enterprise+ license.

Recommended retail price for the pack – 1 240 euro


iRidium server NUC

Large-scale complex installations:
hotels, office buildings,
apartment buildings

Capabilities of iRidium server

iRidium server is used as a logic controller in installations bases
on KNX, Modbus, HDL, Helvar, Domintell and other systems.

Work 24/7

It is always on. It gathers
data and runs rules
and schedules

Convenient control

Control your object from any
part of the world with the
help of Port Forwarding,
VPN or in the local net
without Internet


Learn about changes in the
system (movement or leakage
sensor goes off) the moment
they happen via e-mail or
with the help of push-

Smart gateway

The server can be used without
visualization to exchange
data between protocols,
for example, KNX-Crestron,
BACnet-KNX, etc.

Gathering, storing
and analyzing data

Generating trends
and charts

Monitoring device
and system statuses

and schedules

Work with iRidium server

Depending on your tasks iRidium server can be used
together with iRidium pro or iRidium lite

iRidium lite

Solution for typical installations
with a standard interface
and standard logics.

iRidium pro

Solution for complex installations
with a unique user interface
and unique logics.