iRidium Driver for AV & Custom Systems is the best solution for AV installations.

iRidium Driver for AV & Custom Systems enables:

  • control of any equipment via TCP, UDP, HTTP, RS232, IR with full two-way communication;
  • fast set up of equipment thanks to the base of IR codes;
  • integration of ready JS modules into projects, e.g., modules for Media Servers: Sonos, XBMC, iTunes, module for SIP-Intercom, Weather module, etc;
  • creating your own drivers to control the necessary type of equipment in iRidium Driver Development Kit.

iRidium for AV & Custom Systems can be used together with any special automation solutions by iRidium.
For example, iRidium for KNX, Crestron, Clipsal, MyHome or HDL BusPro.

Special automation solutions

are iRidium drivers, created to control equipment of popular automation systems.

Any Combination is Possible

Crestron + KNX + AV or Modbus + AV

Two or More Solutions in One Project:

With iRidium you can combine several automation systems in one project, e.g. Crestron + KNX + AV or Modbus + AV.
Any combination of automation systems is possible.

Control capability of a certain type of equipment is determined by the license only.

JS Modules. It's Easy to Set Up Control! 

JS module is a driver, written in iRidium Script, designed to control a certain type of equipment.

A ready JS module consists of:

1. a driver;

2. an example of a ready graphic interface.

Ready JS module can be added to any project, created on any of the supported automation systems: AMX, Crestron, etc. Watch a Video-instruction how to add JS modules to a project

The ready driver and interface can be changed and modified, if necessary.

You can make your own JS module to control the necessary equipment. To do it, use iRidium Driver Development Kit. 

To use JS modules in your projects, use iRidium license for AV & Custom Systems. Learn more about licensing here. 

Popular JS Modules




Ready iRidium Interfaces

Ready iRidium designs with numerous ready items (pages, popups, buttons, sliders) allow to create stylish control interfaces for any resolution as a matter of minutes. The created interface will look and work equally well on any smart phone or a tablet based on iOS, OS X, Windows 7/8 & Android.

“Slide” Interface

Ready interface for Smart home with photos of a real house or apartment.


iOS Style GUI for Smart Home

Ready interface for Smart Home

iOS 8 Style GUI

iOS Style GUI for Smart Office

Ready interface for Smart Office

Metro_GUI Ready interface for Smart Homes

Metro GUI & Metro Home Theater GUI

Classical intuitive interface for any AV installation and Smart Home with 34 ready pages and popups.

Black GUI

Black GUI

Laconic informative design with 34 ready pages and popups for stylish AV installations and Smart Homes.

Concept "12" Interface

Interface to control Smart home in an industrial style.


2D Hotel Interface

Tasteful intuitive interface to control a hotel room.


3D Interface for Apartment

Elegant 3D interface to control a modern multi-room apartment.


Moonlight GUI

Simple intuitive interface for Smart Home and AV installations with a wide choice of ready pages and popups.

BeeToo GUI

BeeToo GUI

Bright colourful interface for Smart home in the style of Windows 8 with a variety of ready pages and popups.


3D Hotel Interface

Exclusive informative interface to control a hotel room.

Xenon GUI

Xenon GUI

Modern design for home cinemas and Smart Homes with ready pages and popups to control any AV and automation equipment.

Euro GUI

Euro GUI

Interface of minimalistic design for AV installations and Smart Homes with a variety of ready pages and popups.

Neon GUI

Neon Home Theater GUI

Elegant interface for home cinemas with ready remotes to control any AV and automation equipment.

Innovate GUI Ready interface for your projects

Innovate GUI

Dynamic design for AV installations and Smart Homes with a wide choice of remotes to control all equipment of Smart Home.

iRidium Demonstration Interfaces

iRidium demonstration interfaces imitate a real project work with all pages and popups of iRidium ready interfaces. Take this interface to a meeting with a potential client. And your customer will see a ready interface at work. From the very beginning you can choose which items and effects are necessary and which are not.

Basic project

Basic Graphic Capabilities

Advanced project

Advanced Graphic Capabilities

Black iPad Demonstate

Demo Interface Black GUI

Metro iPad Demonstate

Demo Interface Metro GUI

iRidium Interfaces Made to Order

No time to develop a new design, but your customer wants an interface that nobody else has! – Have it done by professional designers. They use iRidium GUI Editor masterfully to create a custom-tailored interface for tablets and smart phones based on iOS, OS X, Windows 7/8 и Android.

2D Interface

2D Interface

A convenient interface with a scheme of the whole house is easy to understand. Users of all ages can freely use it.

3D Interface

3D Interface

A 3D drawing of the house or flat makes navigation unbelievably easy. Customers see what they control in which part of their home.

Photorealistic interface

Photorealistic interface

Real-life photos of your customer’s house or apartment, used as the basis, are a perfect realization of the idea of a unique interface.

Trade Show Interface

Trade Show Interface

Trade Show Interface

Trade Show Interface is meant to help you describe iRidium capabilities in a manner that is stylish and to the point.

JS Module Interfaces

JS Module Interfaces are interfaces for iRidium Java Script modules that control a definite type of equipment. This can be intergrated into any project with any resolution. Se how to do it here.



Development Tools are components of iRidium software package that create control interfaces and upload them onto smart phones and tablets based on iOS, OS X, Windows & Android.

You can download tools for creating projects in the DOWNLOAD section.
iRidium GUI Editor

iRidium GUI Editor

A powerful tool for creating flexible and fully customizable interfaces.

iRidium Transfer

iRidium Transfer

A tool for uploading interfaces on the control panel. 

iRidium Gate

iRidium Gate

A tool for controlling via the Internet or simultaneous connecting of several panels. 

iRidium Gate is required for controlling, for instance, for HDL-BUS Pro, Modbus, KNX equipment when connecting via the router.

iRidium App

iRidium App

Applications that launch ready interfaces on control panels.

Applications for iOS, OS X, Windows and Android based devices are available.